Udaariyaan 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Angad recalling Tejo. He leaves from there. Fateh looks at Tanya. He cries seeing her. He recalls their moments. He thinks I should talk to Tejo and tell her my suppressed feelings. Tanya turns and sees him. She smiles. He hugs her. He imagines this. He sees her playing with burning sticks. He recalls the fire accident and gets shocked. He thinks no, she can’t be my Tejo.

Fateh comes home and knocks the door. Jasmin and Amrik open the door. Jasmin asks did you see her. Fateh asks who. She says you have seen Tejo. He says no, she can’t be Tejo. She says she is exactly the same like Tejo. He says I have seen her, she can’t be Tejo. He cries.

He says my heart knows that she isn’t Tejo. She asks him to accept the truth someday. He says she isn’t Tejo. She says Amrik, you and I have seen it, won’t you tell her that you love her. He shouts shut up, she can’t be my Tejo. Tanya says I will go home and rest now. Sameer asks about the stalker. She says aunty has changed the locks, don’t worry, I m enough alone to handle him. She goes. Angad says she is Tejo, she is acting, she knows something, who ignited the fire. Fateh says she would have come to me and asked me about the fire incident, no, she isn’t Tejo. Angad says she won’t do acting without any reason, she has to die again. Fateh shuts the room door. Jasmin asks Fateh to listen. Amrik says leave him alone. She says Tejo isn’t dead. He says its not confirmed that she is Tejo. She says my heart has confirmed it, Fateh doesn’t know what to say, Tanya is Tejo. Fateh runs on the road. He recalls Tanya. He thinks no, Tejo can’t do this with me, she can’t be Tejo. Fateh thinks to meet her and ask for his answers.

Rupy tells Harman about Abhiraj putting a chemical factory in pind. He argues with Abhiraj. He says I want to work with passion, Tejo will be glad to see this. Fateh comes to the café and sees Tanya working. He thinks is she really Tejo, why didn’t she tell me that she is alive, I have to do this today. He goes inside the café. Tanya sees him and goes to take his order.

Fateh recalls their past moment. He sings for her. He watches her fulfill her duties. Tanya and everyone clap for him. He says you forgot love and emotions. She asks what. He asks her is she doing any drama. He calls her Tejo. She takes her out and scolds him. She asks him to just go and not come back to embarrass her. She goes.

Mahi talks to Gurpreet on call. Abhiraj sees Mahi. He says I heard Fateh has run away somewhere. She scolds him about the chemical factory thing. She goes. Abhiraj thinks Virks have much pride, I will see them now. Tanya sees Fateh outside her house and threatens of police. He says no, don’t call the police, how can I believe that you are not Tejo, she also liked lilies. She answers him and calls him mad in love. He shows her Tejo and his pics. She is shocked. He shows their marriage pic.


The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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