Sirf Tum 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ansh getting down from the taxi and opens the door for Suhani. Suhani gets down from the taxi. Ranveer gets shocked seeing her coming with Ansh and fumes with anger. Ansh and Suhani start walking. Ranveer walks towards Suhani. Ansh kicks the coke can towards Suhani’s feet. Suhani steps on it and falls. Ansh holds her in a romantic pose. Ranveer gets very angry. Ansh says be careful Suhani. Suhani says thank you. Ranveer comes running angrily and hits Ansh. Ansh falls down and asks did you get mad? Ranveer says how dare you to touch her.

Suhani tells Ranveer that she came with her wish with him. Ansh asks her to go to her class. Suhani says I am going to my class and asks Ranveer not to fight with him. She goes. Ansh tries to provoke Ranveer and says your Ms. Zimmedari is very different and men get attracted to her. He says I am thinking to take her responsibility and says she will look modern in modern dresses and asks about her size. Ranveer gets angry and beats him. John and Raghav try to stop Ranveer, but he brushes them off. Ansh asks why are you feeling bad, who is Suhani to you? Rishi and Rocky come there.

Ranveer pushes them and tells that Suhani is my life, I will not hear anything wrong against her, she is the first thought of morning and last prayer of night. He says people searches their destiny in their palms, but she is my destiny. He says she is the reason for my peace and obsession. He says I want to achieve everything with her in life and even wants to be called hers, even after my death.

Ansh smiles and gets beaten by Ranveer. Ranveer says I was taking breath until now, and now living my life and she is the reason. He says I will not hear anything wrong about her, and says whoever comes between us, I will end their life. Rhea brings Vikrant there, and he hears everything. Ranveer continues to beat Ansh. Dean comes there and calls Ranveer. Vikrant asks Rhea, who is Suhani, for whom he is mad?

Rhea says you don’t know Suhani, but knows her father who is an ordinary manager in your office, Rakesh Sharma. He asks are you saying truth? Rhea says he had handover Suhani’s responsibility to Ranveer from day 1 and you are seeing how he is fulfilling his responsibility. Vikrant calls Rakesh and asks him to come home.

Dean asks Raghav and John to take Ranveer from there. Ranveer goes. Dean tells Ansh that he will rusticate Ranveer this time. Ansh asks him not to rusticate him and says the fight started with joke. Dean says ok and asks Rocky and Rishi to get his first aid.

Rhea comes to Ansh and feels bad seeing his injury. Ansh says its ok, I have done this to make Ranveer confess his love. He thinks just wait and watch, how I kick out Suhani from Ranveer’s life.

Vikrant looks at Ranveer’s photo frame. Servants come to them and tell that everyone went to temple and they have set the table. Vikrant asks them to go out and be there, until he calls them. Rakesh comes there and apologizes for coming late. Vikrant takes him to dining table and serves food in his plate. Rakesh says I have already taken breakfast. Vikrant asks him to eat. Rakesh is about to eat. Vikrant asks how can you burden my son with the responsibilities. He says you have the dream to have food sitting on the same table as mine, and says if you have such dream, I will fulfill it. Rakesh says I have no such dreams.

Vikrant says you have played a game to match with him and using your daughter for it. Rakesh asks what are you saying? Vikrant says such people like you, have bad intentions and don’t hesitate to use daughter and sister to get rich. He says your daughter has trapped my son. Rakesh says I can’t hear anything against my daughter and says she is my pride. Vikrant says I have seen the example of your upbringing and says neither you are a good father nor your daughter is a good daughter. He threatens him to keep his daughter’s dirty reflection away from his son, else he will ruin them both. He says I mean it. Rakesh gets much insulted and bears the pain. He is about to leave. Vikrant says I am not yet done, I didn’t fire you, and have doubled your salary, think that your daughter is blank cheque, if she stays away from my son, money will keep deposited in your account. Rakesh gets teary eyes. Vikrant asks him to get out.

Ranveer comes to Suhani and says he needs to talk to her. She says she don’t have time to talk to her. He holds her hand and takes her inside the college. Sirf tum plays. He looks at her. Suhani gets tensed.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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