Yeh Hai Chahatein : Arjun in Trouble?

Kashvi asks Sunaina to come to the party with him. Sunaina asks her to go and says what I will do there. Kashvi says you will enjoy in the party. Sunaina says I don’t know anyone there. Kashvi says I don’t want any excuses and you will be coming with me. Arjun gets worried. Kashvi says come with me and takes Sunaina/Arjun from there. Arjun thinks how to fool everyone at home. Kashvi comes to the party. Sunaina says I am not invited to the party so don’t want to come. Kashvi convinces her to come. They come inside. Kashvi tells Jagdish that she has brought Sunaina here. Jagdish says she did right and tells that the nurse face seems familiar. Kashvi says Sunaina is a famous nurse and had got many awards and her posters were in the city, so you must have seen her. Jagdish says may be. Arjun thinks he has to be away from Dad, else he will find out about him.

Arjun hears Mahima telling Karun that Arjun will not come, so he shall cut the cake. Karun says his Dad will come. Arjun hears them and thinks Mahima is provoking his son against him. He goes to the washroom and calls Micky to seek his help. He says he has come to Karun’s birthday party as Sunaina. Micky asks why did you go there as Sunaina. Arjun says Kashvi was insisting me to come with her to the party. He asks Micky to come and help him. He gets ready as Arjun and goes to the party.

Kashvi thinks Sunaina had gone to the washroom and haven’t come out yet. He asks Karun not to believe if anyone tells against him, that he will not come etc. Mahima asks how do you know as you was not here. Arjun says I know your dirty mind. The kids tell that Karun shall cut the cake now. Arjun says first musical chair will be played. The kids start playing. Kashvi wonders where did Sunaina go. Arjun thinks he has to go and come back as Sunaina. He pretends to take a call and tells Karun that he will be right back. Kashvi comes to the washroom and hears a boy saying that his gift wrapper opened. She helps him and comes to the washroom asking Sunaina to open the door. Arjun tries to wear the saree fast, but he couldn’t wear it. Kashvi calls Monty and asks him to break the door.

Monty asks her to call Sunaina again. Arjun thinks he can’t say anything now, but first he shall get ready. Kashvi asks Monty to break the door. Monty breaks the door and finds Sunaina standing. Sunaina comes out and asks what happened, why you are looking at me. Kashvi says I was shouting and was asking you to come. Sunaina says she was using international ear plugs and it is noise proofs. She says you care for me, and is like a family. Micky comes and surprises Karun with his entry. He gives him gift. Karun asks did you see Dad outside. Micky says Arjun’s call will be long and we will play dancing game till he comes. Kashvi looks at Sunaina enjoying the party. Sunaina silently goes from there. He comes to the washroom, gets ready as Arjun and comes to karun. Karun says you had gone out then how did you come here?

Precap: Arjun and Kashvi have a romantic eye lock during the game. Mahima asks Karun to cut the cake. Jagdish calls Arjun and tells that he has identified him. Arjun says he is Sunaina. Jagdish says he can identify him at one sight.

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