Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Ishaan & Savi’s Reception aur Jalan !

Ishaan asks Savi to let Reeva help her get ready, he will go and handle guests downstairs. Savi says she will manage and doesn’t want to trouble Reeva. Reeva says if she doesn’t go down on time, Ishaan will feel troubled. Ishaan leaves. Durva’s friends visit reception and ask why are they spending so much for uncultured Savi when they haven’t accepted her yet as Ishaan’s wife. Durva says they are right. Ishaan welcomes a minister and his wife/Surekha’s childhood friend interacts with him. Ishaan knocks Surekha’s room door and pleads her to open it.

Reeva rudely tries to help Savi. Savi asks her to stop it. Reeva says she was okay when Ishaan was helping and is having problem when she is helping her. Savi says Ishaan was really helping her and Reeva is forcefully helping her. Reeva asks what about Savi troubling others and reveals that Surekha is not attending function because of Savi, she should imagine how a son would be feeling when his mother is not attending his function. Savi walks to Surekha’s room and requests her to listen to her. Surekha gets more angry and asks if she wants to humiliate her more.

Minister asks Yashwant where are Ishaan and his wife. Yashwant says his DIL is getting ready. Minister then asks where is Surekha. Yashwant says she is coming and asks Nishi to take care of minister. Ishaan takes Yashwant aside and informs that Surekha doesn’t want to attend function and the reason behind it. Yashwant gets angry and says he wants Surekha in the function at any cost. Ishaan thinks of speaking to Reeva to convince Surekha. His friends ask where is his wife and he says she is getting ready. Reeva walks in. His friends congratulate her for becoming Ishaan’s wife and offer their gifts to her. Reeva and Bhosale stand embarrassed.

Shikha to handle this awkward situation introduces and welcomes Ishaan’s wife Savi. Professor Paranjpe says it’s a weird situation, but the truth is Ishaan married to Savi and not Reeva. Guests take gifts from Reeva and give them to Savi, making Reeva feel more embarrassed. Nishi’s friend Lokhande (arrogant cafe customer) walks in with his family. Nishi welcomes him. Lokhande and his wife notice Savi on stage with Ishaan and think what is a cafe waitress doing with Ishaan. Minister and his wife ask Yashwant about Surekha again.

Yashwant takes mic and introduces his guests to his new DIL Savi. Surekha feels more upset hearing that. Yashwant continues his speech and asks guests to welcome a new couple with their claps. He asks Ishaan and Savi to cut a cake and start their marital life. Ishaan says without Surekha he doesn’t feel like celebrating. Yashwant says it’s his mistake, his wife troubles Surekha always, he doesn’t want more drama here, so he and Savi should silently cut the cake. Savi takes mic and says she will not cut a cake without Surekha’s presence.

Precap: Yashwant boasts that his DIL’s family is superrich. Swati says she has seen his DIL working in a cafe as a waitress. Savi confirms it, leaving Yashwant in shock.

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