Jhanak : Valentines Day & Anirudh!

The Episode starts with Anirudh and Jhanak arguing. She asks why do you always blame me. Arshi says you have hurt him. She gets angry. Anirudh says Choton, don’t talk to Jhanak, else she will hurt you also. Jhanak goes. Bipasha says I hope everyone likes the decorations. Lal says yes, they will like it. He asks Appu not to spoil the roses. Appu says I m smelling the rose, go away. He asks her to sit quiet. Lal asks Rumi about Mimi. Bipasha jokes. Lal asks Rumi to call Ani and Arshi. Appu asks where did Mimi go.

Rumi says nothing, you sit here, I will come back and tell you. Bipasha says she is very clever, look at her. Lal asks what shall I do, ignore her. She says I can’t ignore, you don’t care for me, else you would have got exclusive gift for me, learn from Anirudh, he will get a gift for Arshi. He says Arshi will also get a gift for him. She says I would have done a job and gave you a gift, I have no value. He says I value you, don’t get angry. The talk to the guests.

Anirudh and Arshi come downstairs. His friends compliment them. Bipasha tells about the game. Anirudh says I don’t have money. She says you can write cheque, if you don’t have cash, 50000 only, even same rules for Arshi. Arshi asks what’s the game. Lal says we will tell you. They have a talk. Anirudh asks Rumi to go and call Choton. Bipasha says we are happy, finally. Anirudh says I don’t want to spoil mood talking about this. She says don’t get trapped again. He says never.

Lal says you should have listened to your elders, that’s it. Anirudh says I understood Jhanak well now. Appu calls him out. She says you didn’t call Jhanak. He asks her to go and call Jhanak. She asks will you scold her. He says no, I don’t want to talk to her. She says fine, I will go and call her. Everyone comes to the party. Shubh likes the decorations. He says let the young people enjoy with their friends. Tanuja says I will enjoy the games. He asks where is Mimi. Rumi says she went to her friends’ party. Tanuja asks why. Bipasha says its okay, her friends were forcing her. She explains the game to them. She ties the blindfold to Arshi.

She says Arshi has to guess where is Anirudh. Appu brings Jhanak there. Tanuja asks why is this girl coming here. Bipasha says Jhanak is coming to take care of Appu, they both should stay away. Anirudh sees Choton and goes to him. He asks won’t you get happy in my happiness. Choton says don’t call me in your party. Anirudh says you have become stupid. Choton says yes, I m foolish to come in your words. Anirudh says I was proud of you, you have become stupid, I m not able to say anything in front of everyone, I told that just to stop Jhanak here. Choton asks what do you mean to say.

Anirudh says think and try to understand what I mean. Choton asks did you see her face. Anirudh says no, I won’t see her for a few days, this should be between us, promise me, you won’t tell her anything, you will understand if you think. He goes. Choton thinks and smiles. Anirudh signs him. Choton gets happy. He sees Jhanak and says control, Anirudh is doing this for Jhanak’s betterment, I can’t tell her anything, thanks Ani.

Jhanak says no. Appu asks her to come. Bipasha says stay there, make sure Appu doesn’t talk. Appu scolds her. Bipasha asks Arshi to find Arshi and prove she loves him. Arshi asks how will I find him. Lal says he is your fiancé, you should find him. Arshi asks them to play the game after her turn. Bipasha says okay. She blindfolds Arshi. She gives her a garland in hand. Jhanak recalls her marriage. Arshi looks for Anirudh. Tanuja asks will Arshi win, it will be bad if she makes someone else wear the garland. Shubh says she is a smart girl, she will identify Anirudh, they love each other.
Anirudh makes Jhanak wear the garlands. Shubh and Bipasha scold Jhanak. Jhanak argues. Anirudh also gets angry on her.


Update Credit to: Amena

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