Imlie: Imlie Becomes Surya’s Personal Maid !

Surya ties Imlie’s cot to his jeep and drags it towards Chaudhry house. Imlie cuts the rope. Surya stops the jeep and asks Imlie how was the ride. Imlie asks why is he troubling her and her family, why don’t he stay in his house and let her family stay in peace. Surya says he wants to fight with her and see how she protects her family from him. She says she is leaving the village so that he doesn’t trouble her family anymore. Surya says he will trouble her family more in her absence as he and her family are staying in a same house. Imlie says Daadi will not let her enter that house. Surya says that is her problem, how she enters the house and saves her family from him.

Sonali and Amar take nurse Shanti to a room in lieu of getting treatment and ask her to reveal the connection between Agastya and Surya and what had happened 27 years ago, what was she speaking to Alka. Surya returns home and enjoys coffee. Malti asks if

Precap: Agastya protects Imlie from rain and asks who will save her family from him. Imlie says she will save his family from his evil intentions.

Update Credit to: MA

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