Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Manvi brainwashing Mandip. She instigated Mandip against doing something before twenty four hours to make her leave the house. Manvi asked Mandip to torture Pratiksha and push her to the edge of leaving the house on her own. Manvi told Mandip about a plan that she thought of. Mandip was hesitating at first but then she agreed. Mandip asked Manvi to call Pratiksha. Manvi went to Pratiksha’s room and told her that Mandip was calling her.

Pratiksha said that Mandip must be calling her to teach her a lesson and she was ready for it. When Pratiksha reached the hall with Manvi, Mandip poured a bucket full of water on her head and her vermillion was wiped. Mandip’s husband shouted and asked her why she was doing this. Mandip said that she did it because she was fed up with Pratiksha. Mandip said to Pratiksha that she did this as revenge since Pratiksha tore Ravi’s marriage photos.

Pratiksha asked Mandip that those photos could be reprinted but could they reprint Pratiksha’s early life. She questioned them that if she leaves Ravi and his home then would the society accept her. Mandip told Pratiksha that she was tired of Pratiksha’s lectures so how much would she take to leave Ravi’s life?

Dadi protested and scolded Mandip. She said that Mandip was wrong and she must have not done this. Manvi said to Dadi that being her mother in law, how could she support Pratiksha. Dadi said that since Mandip was wrong dadi didn’t support her. If she walked on the right path then dadi would have definitely supported her. Manvi asked Dadi that when Mandip didn’t want to accept Pratiksha as her bahu, then why was Dadi speaking for her?

Dadi said that she was supporting Pratiksha because she was Ravi’s Dharam Patni and Ravi had put sindoor in Pratiksha’s mang. Mansip said that there was no sindoor in Pratiksha’s mang anymore. She said that the sindoor anyway belonged to Kavya so it didn’t look good on Pratiksha’s mang. Then Manvi and Mandip reminded everyone that no one had seen Ravi putting sindoor in Pratiksha’s mang but only remembered Kavya’s marriage with Ravi.

Mandip asked Pratiksha that if she felt bad she could leave just at that time. Mandip humiliated Pratiksha. Parul tried to speak in favour of Pratiksha but Mandip stopped her. Pratiksha said to Mandip that now Pratiksha would do nothing but Mandip would herself accept Pratiksha as Ravi’s Dharam Patni in front of everyone.

After the break, Pratiksha says to Mandip that Ravi got married to Pratiksha and now she wouldn’t have to prove anything but Mandip would call Pratiksha Ravi’s Dharam Patni and Kavya her sister. Mandip asked her to stop day dreaming. Pratiksha said to her that dreams always come true and regarding her dreams those would come true very shortly.

Precap : Pratiksha would be proving Mandip wrong.

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