Katha Ankahee 26th May 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Viaan start telling Katha a poetry about his path he chose now. Katha stares at him. She then calls Viaan a poetician and points at herself, saying she is a normal person. Viaan laughs and tells that he is talking about the journey they chose in their life. He then thanks Katha for guiding him to choose this path because of which he met Nina, who is a door to his happiness. Katha becomes speechless.

Katha asks Viaan to drop her nearby a road from where she will go to her house, taking an auto. Viaan insists on taking her home, but Katha reminds the next day about the meeting with the freshers and also he needs to take a rest, which is much needed for a parent and convinces him to drop her on the road. Viaan obliges and drops her where she wants to. Katha leaves.

Viaan returns home and finds Teji sleeping on the couch. He goes near her and puts his head on her lap. Teji wakes up and asks whether there is so much work to do because of which he returned home late. Viaan then asks Teji to share her experience with him handling him as a baby. Teji laughs and asks if he is asking this because he met a baby. Viaan persuades Teji to share experiences with him.

Teji tells Viaan that the latter demands a lot when he is hungry as a child and also how he enjoys outdoors. She then hesitates to share some information, which Viaan senses it so he encourages her to tell. Teji tells him that Viaan falls asleep on Viraj’s arm. Viaan smiles. He then asks Teji to share her memories of him her alone. Teji tells Viaan that every moment she spent with him is precious for her.

There, Neerja tells Katha that she knows the latter is returning home late and must have had this valid reason. Katha talks about her experience with spending time with Viaan and Keith-Amrita’s baby. Meanwhile, Viaan finds Teji’s photoalbum during the time she carried him in her womb. He puts the album beside Teji and hopes the latter gets happy, relieving those moments of her with him only. He also praises Teji for her sacrifices to give him upbringing and then leaves.

Katha tells Neerja that even a father of a child fails to have a calm nature after returning from a tiring day at work, but Viaan’s calmness towards Keith-Amrita’s baby surprised her. She further tells Neerja that Viaan has a father qualities naturally, which he is searching. She then notices Neerja is smiling, so she questions her and suggests the latter to make Viaan as her son in law if she has a daughter. Neerja and Katha then laugh together. Katha lies on the couch with a smile on her face.

The next day, Teji gets happy seeing the album of her during her pregnancy period. During breakfast, Teji thanks Viaan. Here, Aarav meets with his friends and learns about the app made for the parents. He then meets Robin (Viaan) and finds the latter is tired, so he questions him for not taking rest. Viaan tells Batman he can’t afford to lose an opportunity to meet him, which makes the latter happy.

Viaan compares handling bicycle with their life and gives life lessons to Aarav. Aarav requests Viaan to tell the same to his friends parents too, which makes Viaan smile. Aarav returns home and convinces Katha to make his favorite laddoo for him and also requests to make a little more saying it’s for Robin. Katha gets upset. Aarav happily states Katha about Robin’s effort to spend time with him and also the promise the latter made him. Katha looks shocked.

Precap: Viaan informs Katha that he is going to take care of Keith-Amrita’s baby. Katha asks him to contact her if he needs her help, which surprises Viaan. Here, Kailash shouts at Kavita for hiding the information from him about meeting Viaan. Aarav makes Robin join the PTG meeting and also informs it to Katha. Later, Katha breaks down in front of Neerja, saying that Viaan’s actions remind her, her Aditya.

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