Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 26th May 2023 Written Update

Episode starts with the conversation between Veer and Sikandar. Veer taunts the facial expression of Sikandar to distract his mind from Armaan. They start fighting. Veer continues his blabbering which increases the anger of Sikandar. He continuously mocks his power. The disrespect increases the wrath of Sikandar. Sikandar puts a powerful ray on Veer. Meanwhile, Halaya comes to Sikandar getting the invitation. Sikandar welcomes Halaya.

Here, Isha brings Armaan outside. Armaan asks Isha why did she bring him in the place. Armaan explains somehow he saved her today, but it’s not possible for him to resque her everyday. Holding the hand of Armaan, Isha urges to her to go with her but Armaan makes her understand it’s not possible for him to return. But Isha doesn’t want to leave him alone. She tries her best to keep Armaan with him.

Isha runs to help Veer but Armaan runs from the place in the meantime. Isha gets hurt and leave.

Here, Halaya is asked by Sikandar why he didn’t get his coveted power. He also threats him. Halaya says it’s not possible for her to get the truth so easily, she refers Raima who could help him. She asks Sikandar to bring Raima. Raima is the sister of Sikandar. In the past, Raima and Shikandar had a strong dispute regarding Armaan.

Raima wanted to save Armaan as he used to care Raima. But Sikandar wanted to take the revenge on Armaan. But Raima wanted to support and save Armaan from the evil hand of Sikandar. Knowing this fact, Sikandar killed her. Armaan came to know the truth that Sikandar had killed Raima. He became so angry that he proceeded to kill Sikandar. On that day Shikandar deleted Armaan’s memory.

Here, Isha is asked to forget Armaan as it’s not possible to get back Armaan. She also tells her if she wouldn’t agree to forget Arman, he would delete the memories of Armaan from the head of Isha. Here, Sikandar opens up the age old coffin to wake up Raima. Raima wakes up from her death after years. Waking up, she feels hunger for blood.

Sikandar asks to Raima to contact Mayogini. Raima is compelled to do so. Armaan also supports the plan of Sikandar. Raima doesn’t forget her memories. She asks her bracelet through which she could connect Mayogini. That bracelet was given to Isha. Armaan feels safe. Halaya tries to locate the position of that bracelet and takes the hand of Raima to the fire.

Here, Cherry, Mahek and Isha come to enjoy a picnic. They share their emotions to each other. Isha is asked not be spoil sport as her mood is not okay. Suddenly, Isha feels a irritation from her bracelet. Halaya has already located the place of the bracelet. She also starts her process, this time she notices the face of Isha.

Here, Mahek checks the bracelet and tries to know what’s happening with Isha. Mahek understands that a powerful yogini is trying to trace Isha. Halaya notices that there is so much resemblance with Kavya. Armaan feels threatened. Halaya understands that Sikander was betrayed by Halaya. Armaan kills Halaya to save Isha. But Sikandar notices everything.

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