Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Veer and Eisha sit back in the car. Vihaan comes to Sam and asks what are you looking for? He says I forgot my family ring. He tells Sameer about his history project. Eisha asks Veer where is my car? He says I threw it from the cliff. Eisha asks who was the man who attacked me? Was he a wolf? Veer says who would I know? Armaan comes to Mehak. He says I need your help. Please help me find Eisha. She’s with Veer. I have her bracelet. Can you find out her location? Yogini’s can do it. She says I will try. Mehak tries to find her location. She says nothing is happening. Armaan asks her to try again. She says I can’t do it. She leaves.

Eisha and Veer come to a bar. She says we came here to go to this bar? They go inside. A girl says, Veer. She hugs him. She asks how are you? He says alive. She says here’s to the man who broke my heart and took all my happiness. She asks Eisha how did you fall for him? Eisha says no I am not with him. It’s impossible. Veer says I have a reputation. She asks when did you meet? She says I met him in college. He told me his secret. She says then I told him my secret. I am a yogini.

Scene 2
Vihaan comes to the library. Some books fall. She asks are you okay? He says I am fine. She says I am Bahara. Mehak asks Nan what’s wrong with her. Her powers are blocked. She says only you can help yourself. Take the fear out of yourself. Eisha calls Malini and tells her she slept at Mehak’s place. The girl tells Veer you can’t open the cave without that locket. Chandrika was the most powerful yogini. No one can break her spell. Mehak comes to the jungle. She comes to an old place and tries to do magic. Mehak hears someone. She says who’s there? Mehak falls down.

Armaan calls Eisha. She says you lied to me again. He says no please let me talk. We should talk to each other. Esha says how am I related to Kavoya? He says I don’t know. He says who knows if you are lying? She hangs up. Veer says are you okay? She says yes I know you’re happy. Don’t do this acting. The girl calls someone and says he’s here. Mehak wakes up in a cave. She tries to get up. Mehak screams for help. she hears some noise. Armaan comes to Nan and says I need your help. She says you know I can expose you. I can’t help you. Armaan says do you trust me? She says yes I can trust you with Mehak. You have to protect her first.

Bahar tells Vihaan what your topic is. He says wolves. I need books on them. Eisha asks Veer if I have a relationship with Kaviya. Am I part wolf? He says no look at yourself. How boring you are. She says do you think Armaan loves me because I look like her? He says could be. At least eat the food. You’re so boring. Eisha says why are you acting to be nice? Eisha orders a drink. Veer says what? She says you said I am boring. So I am living too now. They all drink. Bahar tells Vihaan about werewolves. She says they are real. He says it’s all folklore. She says you’re very smart. She says I have an old diary of my great-granddad about such creatures. He says can I get it?

Scene 3
Mehak tries to call someone but her phone doesn’t work. She hears noises behind a gate in the cave. She tries to open it. Armaan comes there. Mehak screams. He says it’s me. She says where am I? He says don’t be scared. Trust me. You will be fine. He takes her out of the cave. Armaan says I didn’t want to scare you. Nan told me. She says there was a gate. People were crying.

Are they in pain? He says no they’re living dead bodies who didn’t get blood. She says what if they get blood? He says that can’t happen. Chandrika locked them to protect landsdale. A vampire comes there. Vihaan asks Bahar where is the diary. He says all our elders have written similar stories. She says they could be real. He says no they’re all fiction. They both decide to watch the movie. She says you don’t look ready. He says I don’t want to lead you on. I came out of a serious relationship. She says but we can be friends.

Scene 4
Eisha and Veet get drunk. Eisha dances. Eisha gets a call. She goes out. Another wolf who the bartender called kidnaps her. Veer looks fo Eisha. He wonders why he feels weak. The wolf hits Veer on the head. Eisha screams. Eisha stops him. SHe says please stop. He asks who are you? The guy says she killed my girlfriend. He throws petrol on Veer. He says my gf Tina went to celebrate Armaan’s birthday. He killed her.

Eisha says what? Tina told me about yo. She said you’re a human. He says I chose this way to be with her. He is about to burn Veer. She says Tina told me true love never ends. He says because of him Tina left me forever. He can harm anymore. Eisha says Tina loved you a lot because you’re a good human. You don’t want to be like him. His biggest punishment is to live with his regrets. DOn’t do like him. He picks Veer and shoves him. He says I left him for Tina. Eisha picks Veer.

Armaan brings Mehak home. Nan hugs her. Mehak thanks him. Nan says to Armaan I will protect my friends more than anyone. Armaan says yes. Veer meets his friend. She says your drinks had sham tulsi. Tina was my friend. How could you do that to her? He puts a hand on her shoulder. She says that cave can open. He says sweet Nikki, I will miss you. Veer kills her.

Scene 5
Eisha asks Veer why did you bring me here? He says I am so happy Armaan must be crying for you. You’re not that boring after all. She says I wasn’t like this. He says okay don’t drag now. Eisha says I saved your life. Eisha comes home. Armaan si there. Eisha says hi. Eisha says why did you lie to me again? Why did you hide such a big thing? I handled you being a wolf. I was accepting your truth. I can’t tolerate this lie. Who am I to you? Who do you see in me? He says my world. I don’t see Kaviya in you. You’re not like her.

Everything that she didn’t have you do. You re Eisha. She says you came closer to me because you thought I am Kaviya. He says I have known you before college. She says what? When did we meet? He says when you met an accident with your parents. I came back to the city. I heard a car crash. When I went there your dad was still alive. He asked me to take you out first and then him but by then.. She says you saved my life? Eisha cries. Eisha says everyone said my survival was a miracle.

You were that miracle? He says you looked like Kaviya. I was shocked. So I kept an eye on you to confirm and realized you’re not like her at all. I fell in love with you in between. You were broken at that time. Eisha asks how am I related to Kaviya? I only wanna know the truth. Armaan says it bothered me a lot too. Your families are different. Then how. Then I got to know one thing.

Eisha says what thing? He says are you sure you can handle this truth? Nothing will change after it. He says Sharma’s family adopted you. You’re not their daughter. Eisha is shocked. He says yes you are adopted.

Episode eends

Precap-Eisha calls Veer and says where is Armaan? He says he might be coming to you. Eisha sees compass. She says Armaan must be around. Another wolf attacks her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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