Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update

cene 1
Armaan says no conditions, you can take me with you there. You can bring out Kaviya and I will handle those 26 wolves. Veer says what if I say yes? Armaan says then I will help you find the crack to break that magic. Veer says why should I trust you? Armaan says I am your brother. I don’t want you to live in this city.

Cherry says to Laksh I am sorry it wasn’t for you. He says Vicky and I are the same. she says you know I am stupid. I get awful. He says let me work. Cherry says when will you get free? He says I am not over Eisha and if we move ahead, I don’t want to ruin everything. This is the only good thing in my life, I don’t want to ruin it. She says you’re far ahead in your head and want to not give it a chance in reality. And running away from it to protect it? Do you fear losing it? You’ve lost it already so nothing to fear anymore. She leaves.

Scene 2
Sameer drops Malini. She says thank you for this. He says I am trying to move on. She says yes. He says can we go out on Friday? Malini says yes. She says you can talk about your wife if you want. He says I should stop talking about Sudha. She says, Sudha? He says yes her name was Sudha. Malini asks where was she from. He says Dehli. Malini is shocked.

Eisha says I feel good. I answered him back and fought him. Armaan tells her his promise to Veer. He says I lied to Veer. Eisha says why? Armanan says Kaviya is very dangerous. Armaan sees a flashback. Kaviya used to stop people and ask them for help and would kill them then. Veer would help her. He helped her with dead bodies. Veer said I want to live with you. Eisha said do you want to live forever? Veer said no. If there’s no end then everything would lose its value.

She said your brother listened to me and now he will live forever. Won’t you want to live with me together forever? Veer said Armaan is a wolf? Kaviya said you’re n less than Armaan you will also win this life. Veer said why do you not make me like yourself? She said I don’t want to live without you. Veer said I love you crazily. But I want to die with this love. She said loving a wolf can be dangerous. Veer said I want to live with you forever. Kaviya hugged him. Eisha says to Veer I am on your side.

Scene 3
Laksh comes to Cherry and hugs her. He says I don’t want to lose you. He picks her. Ana follows Vicky and tries to attack him. He attacks her back. He’s a wolf. He asks where is Adi. Ana says they killed him. I wanted him but he was an idiot. He was useless. How is your mission going? He says very well. That Yogini is falling for me. Ana says I will get that diary soon. they hug.

Armaan and Eisha sleep together. Veer comes there. He says good morning love birds. Eisha says what? Are you serious? Get out. He says relax I didn’t see anything. Veer says it’s important. Eisha says get out. He says we are partners now. I have to tell urgent thing. Aman Sharma had a diary that had a mantra to break the spell. Who is Sharma here? Eisha says when did I become part of this plan? Veer says when you came to my brother’s room. Armaan says you don’t have to find anything you don’t want to.

Eisha says it’s fine. I will find it. Armaan says are you sure about it? Veer says yes. Armaan says what about the other wolf? I am sure there are more people with him. Veer says don’t break my trust this time. Eisha says to Armaan.. Armana says relax. Eisha hugs him. Veer recalls moments with Kaviya. Nandini came to meet Kaviya. Nandini said can we go out to talk? Eisha asked Chandrika to inform Veer and Armaan. Nandini said to Eisha how long will you live with these brothers? People are talking now.

We’ve to get out of here. Kaviya said people only talk. In the Punjab fires, I lost my parents and I was all alone. Finally, I have someone taking care of me. What’s the problem? Nandini said just be careful. Keep this perfume with you. Kaviya applied it. It had sham tulsi. Kaviya got sick. She said that means they know about us. Nandini says yes they’re selling these to people. We have to get out of here. Kaviya said I won’t go anywhere. I love this city. Chandrika said can we go home? Is there a problem?

Scene 4
Ana calls Vihaan. She says can we meet? Vicky says who was it? She says Vihaan. I am going out with him for something important. Vicky says is this Sharma’s diary? She says no. You should have focused on my plans. She gives him blood and says drink this. Yogini might find out. Keep your focus on mehak and I will try to find that diary. Eisha says to Armaan will Veer trust us? He says yes. Eisha says he did all of that for Kaviya. Armaan says there were other ways. Killing people is a joke to him. Eisha says will he stop after going there? Armaan says, Kaviya won’t come out. Eisha takes out Amit Sharma’s photo. Vvihaan comes there. He tells them Sameer has the diary.

Sameer reads Amit Sharma’s diary. He got the compass that could detect wolves. Amit said I will trust when I see with my eyes. Veer came there. His dad was also there. Amit said if your sons help us we will be able to fight this battle better. Mr. Oberooi said I am sure my sons would help us end the wolves. Veer hears it. Sameer sneaks out. He keeps the diary in a drawer. Sameer sees a shadow and tries to find out who that is. She tries to steal the diary. Sameer takes out his gun and shoots. It’s Armaan. He says you shouldn’t have done that. Sit now. What is this? Who are you?? He puts the gun on Sameer.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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