Katha Ankahee 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update

The entire office support Viaan like he has, Viaan is thankful. Jenny informs him about Ehsan’s decision to postpone every meeting till Viaan returns. Viaan leaves for his cabin.

Katha enters the office having Kavita on phone, she informs her about Mr. Garewal and Yuvraj enthusiastically working on new hotel designs. Yuvraj is really happy these days. She asks Katha to visit them soon. Katha sees Meera sitting in her chair, recalls seeing her with Yuvraj.

She notices Ehsan talking to Jeetu recalls Shamita accusing Viaan of using girl for advantage. Meera comes to Katha to discuss something; Katha wishes to talk to her as well. Jeetu informs Katha about the board members waiting for her. She leaves.

Katha crosses by Viaan’s office trying her best to ignore him.

The board members request Katha to sit down. They inform Katha about the accusation and its investigation which require a committee who will report to board. For this investigation the board can call any member of the company. The board members have elected Katha to lead this committee, they hope Katha to be responsible. Her decision will be decisive for both Viaan and EarthCon’s future.

Teeji recalls choosing Katha to lead this committee. The investigation needs to start immediately as Shamita is waiting to inform police. Katha asks why she was chosen for this. The members informs that her name was given by a senior member which was anonymously accepted by everyone. Other than that, they Katha is a senior employee how is familiar of an employee – Boss relationship in an architectural firm. Katha has a plus point, she isn’t related to anyone here hence won’t show any biasness. Katha leaves asking for some time to think. Viana notices Katha leaves, crossing by her cabin again without noticing him.

Ehsan questions Teeji decision to chose Katha. Teeji has no clue, her intuition made her chose Katha was the only person who can help Viaan in this issue. She changed the AV for Viaan despite knowing Teeji’s emotional concern. Katha appears to be the only person who can clear Viaan’s name in this investigation. Ehsan is equally involved here; he knows the many ways this investigation can unfold. She leaves.

Ehsan comes to Katha, she is clueless, she cannot such imperative decision for anyone. Ehsan thinks that her selection if for everyone’s benefit, she is in their team as well. Katha questions. Ehsan tells that she has no personal agenda with Viaan. He advised Viaan to deal with these issues informally, cut a deal with Shamita but he refused.

Viaan opted for the high road, he suggested to deal with this issue justly and morally. She recalls Viaan asking her to address her issue to anti-harassment cell of EarthCon. Ehsan considers Katha as the only person who can help. Katha needs time to think, she leaves when Jenny makes an announcement regarding Viaan calling everyone in his cabin.

Everyone saw what happened yesterday, the internal committee will start their investigation and board will decide on it. Viaan informs that till this happen he has decided to temporarily step down from his duties. The work will not come to halt, till he returns Ehsan will work on his behalf. He asks his employees to work with same enthusiasm and dedications. He wants everyone to believes that he is innocent, this company belongs to every employee here as much as it belongs to him and Ehsan.

Viaan will not anyone curse EarthCon, they will fight every battle. The work due to which EarthCon is India’s number one firm must continue. Jenny wipes her tears, everyone agree with Viaan. He leaves hugging Jeetu who will always be here to advise everyone.

Viaan leaves, he stops to discuss something with Ehsan. Viaan notices Katha looking at him. The staff wonders about their future, how will they manage everything in Viaan’s absence. Meera hopes that this issues resolves soon. Kath is worried.

Katha presses for elevator. Viaan is in it as well. They ride the elevator together. Viaan struggles to talk to her while she ignores him. Katha gets off the elevator. Viaan calls Katha, Ehsan informed him about Katha’s hesitation to lead the committee. Viaan does not fear getting punished for his crime, but he cannot be punished for something he didn’t do. Viaan considers Katha perfect for this responsibly, the right way is never easy. Someone once asked Viaan that what will he answer to God but here its Katha. He asks her to ask away, he will answer all her questions.

Katha apologies for calling Neerja on urgent notice but she is clueless on what to do about the committee. Neerja tells that no one is ever able to understand their loved ones fully, for example Kath wasn’t able to realize about Neerja’s color blindness while Viaan was able to do so. Katha is not understanding anything. Neerja asks her to get a third man’s opinion.

Neerja never told Katha but Viaan talked to her sons, other than refusing to take her land they now call her often. Katha questions her for not telling. Neerja informs that Viaan made her promise. Neerja advise her to detach herself from everything before taking any decision.

Katha enters the office; Ehsan knows that she doesn’t want to get herself involved in this issue. Katha informs him about her decision to head the committee. Ehsan knows Viaan since childhood and his offence views regarding women, he has noticed other females and Katha getting uncomfortable around Viaan.

Ehsan knows that Viaan can never make such heinous offer to any women, he doesn’t know how he message Shamita. Katha refuse to listen to any personal storied regarding Viaan for all that matter she wants to keep her views neutral till the investigation continues. Katha enters the meeting room to inform everyone about her decision take responsibility to lead the internal committee.

PRECAP: Reet enter Yuvraj’s office bursting at him for his disloyalty. Katha tells Aarav about female accusing a male in her office. Viaan tells Aarav about the fight in his office. Aarav is sure that Viaan will win. Katha sees Viaan in the meeting room telling that he cannot be punished for a crime he didn’t commit.

Update Credit to: Sona

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