Mera Balam Thanedaar 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Vaayu instructing Bulbul to replicate a specific design through stitching. Veer criticizes Vaayu for merely giving orders instead of lending a hand. Varnika queries Bulbul about their strategy to handle Avilash. Bulbul assures her that she is multitasking, stitching while brainstorming a solution. Sulakshana informs them that Jyothi’s relatives are visiting and expects Bulbul, as her daughter-in-law, to ensure everything goes smoothly. Varnika emphasizes the need for a solid plan.

Drishti inquires about their discussion, to which Bulbul responds that she is contemplating the decoration work, a significant responsibility entrusted to her by Sulakshana. Drishti proposes to accompany Varnika outside, but Varnika declines, citing work with Bulbul. Drishti suspects a shift in Varnika’s loyalty and wonders if Bulbul has revealed her disclosure to Veer about the cheating. Bulbul advises Varnika to maintain a cheerful demeanor to avoid arousing suspicion, promising to devise a plan. Vishesh is delighted to see Varnika’s smile.

Veer commends Bulbul’s ability to spread joy and suggests that anyone could fall in love with her. When Vaayu questions if Veer himself has fallen for her, Veer chides him to speak appropriately for his age. Later, Sulakshana instructs Bulbul to clean the kitchen and avoid using garlic and onion in the food. Bulbul appears lost in thought.

Bulbul suggests Sulakshana rest while she cleans the kitchen. She gathers a few items to confront Avilash, deeming it sufficient. Upon bumping into Veer, she playfully screams like a ghost. He thanks her for bringing a smile to Varnika’s face after Riya’s accident and offers her a chocolate. When he asks if Varnika has mentioned anything about Riya, Bulbul gets hiccups. He provides her with water and notes her evasion of his question. She apologizes for lying to him and explains that Varnika was initially upset about the accident but is now happy since she has recovered. Vaayu bumps into Veer and jokingly refers to him as a ghost. Veer questions his presence and learns that he came to fetch Varadha’s sleeping pills. Upon learning that the pills are finished, Bulbul gets an idea. She later tells Varnika about her idea but laments that divine intervention seems to be lacking. Veer arrives with the medicine, and Bulbul playfully scares him, claiming to be an angel, not a ghost.

Varnika attempts to steal the medicine from the packet. Bulbul distracts Veer by asking about his conversation with some girls at college. He mentions their dress colors, which prompts Bulbul to feign hurt, accusing him of observing their attire too closely. Veer admits that he often observes his wife and finds her beautiful, especially when she dances or when her nose turns red in anger. As she loses her balance, Veer catches her and compliments her beauty when she tries to change the subject while he scolds her. She asks him to let her go, claiming to feel sleepy. He questions her sudden mood change, and she assures him that she is fine. She hands him the medicine and admits to feeling jealous since he is her husband, but quickly dismisses it as a joke. He releases her from his grip.

Meanwhile, Bulbul suggests to Varnika that they spike Avilash’s drink. Varnika expresses concern about Avilash potentially trying to make her unconscious, but Bulbul assures her that they can discard it. Bulbul insists that this is their only remaining option and comforts Varnika. The next day, Bulbul prays, acknowledging the importance of the day and her dual responsibilities. Varnika shows her a message.

Bulbul expresses her faith that divine intervention will surely aid them. Subsequently, Veer arrives with gifts for everyone, citing the upcoming wedding as the occasion. He presents a ring to Sulakshana, who is taken aback. She reveals that it’s her lost engagement ring. Veer expresses his desire to gift her pleasant memories. He proceeds to distribute gifts to everyone else. Bulbul, however, is left pondering why he didn’t get her a gift.

The episode concludes on this note.

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