Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Pratiksha says not a word more Malhar. Manvi says we all saw it with our own stories. Malhar says tell them what’s between us. I am ready to own you even if you’re married. Tell them you love me. Pratiksha says no one is gonna trust you here. My family trusts me. Malhar says they don’t trust you. Pratiksha says they didn’t even ask me a question. He says I will have to show our messages to them. He shows their messages and says see our love and relationship. We love each other. Pratiksha is shocked. Ravi is shocked as well. Mandip says shame on you. You can’t be our DIL. You’ve made our house impure. Dolly says so shameless.

Pratiksha says it’s not true. Manvi says don’t lie. Kaviya says people shout like this when they get caught. Kaviya says my sister didn’t do anything. Biji says god knows what’s true. Mandip says it’s in front of us. Pratiksha says it’s a lie. Mandip says you fooled us all. Hansa says can’t these messages be fake? Malhar says what about these pictures? He shows their pictures together. Kaviya says see Ravi. He looks away. Ravi takes the phone. Pratiksha says he’s lying. They’re fake pictures. Ravi says prove it then. Pratiksha is shocked. Ravi says prove that it’s a lie.

Pratiksha says sure. You’re my Ram, if you want me to prove I will prove it. Pratiksha says I swear on my faith. I will protect my relationship with you. In next 24 hours I promise I will show my truth in front of everyone. I will remove this stain on my forehead. Hansa says to Malhar come with you. I will show you your worth. She drags him out. Kaviya says kick yourself out of Ravi’s room until you prove everything. I will throw your stuff out. Pratiksha looks at Ravi. Pratiksha goes upstairs.

Kaviya goes in Ravi’s room and Manvi says throw everything out of her room. Pratiksha says I can pack my things myself. Pratiksha packs her stuff. Kaviya says hurry up. Manvi says help her. Ravi comes there. Kaivya throws her clothes out. Kaviya says you dont’ even deserve a shelf and have this closet full? It all smells. Ravi leaves. Kaviya says don’t even go after my Ravi. Manvi says let her go, she can’t do anything. Her character is tainted. Ravi will never accepted her. Her stroy is over.

Pratiksha says Ravi listen to me. I am your wife. Please don’t doubt me like this. Trust me. Kaviya says the lawyer is bringing divorce papers. Ravi says there’s nothing to listen. Pratiksha says I didn’t do anything. Kaviya says trust your eyes. Everything is in front of you. Pratiksha says enough. Ravi says you Pratiksha, ennough. I always respected you, this marriage, I lost my own respect. Now you wont’ talk to me. We will talk tomorrow. He leaves. Pratiksha says you did all this Kaviya. Kavya says prove it then.

Scene 2
Kinjal thinks about what happened and cries. Pratiksha comes to her room.. Pratiksha thins about what Ravi said. Kinjal cries and hugs her. Pratiksha cries and says I’ve not done anything. Kinjal says I know you can never do anything. But why did you say you’ll prove yourself? Pratiksha says I will have to remove these stains on myself. I’ve to fight for myself. I have to gather courage and stand up for myself. I want to make my parents proud. I don’t want them ashamed. Biji says then why are you crying?

Pratiksha says Ravi’s heart is broken. It’s hurting me. Biji says I am old and people say I might have outdated mentality. But I am actually modern. What’s the point of a partner who doesn’t trust you? Let him be in pain. Biji says I am not with my Ravi. he doesn’t trust his own wife. It’s your partner who has to trust you against the world. Pratiksha says I will prove my truth. I will stand up for myself. Pratiksha says Ravi is in pain. Kinjal says you are so strong. Biji says you’re a diamond. You never back down. You know how to keep everyone together. I know you wiill fix everything. My prayers are with you. I hope you succeed. Pratiksha cries.

Episode ends

Precap- Pratiksha says it was Kaviya and Malhar’s plan. I was given a drug by him. Pratiksha says see all these chats and messages Kaviya did to Malhar. Kaviya slaps her. Ravi holds her hand and says you can’t touch Pratiksha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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