Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Malhar asks can I come inside? Pratiksha says no. No one is home. If you wanna meet Ravi come later. He says I came to meet you. She says what? Malhar says I mean I need your signature of the case. Pratiksha goes in to look for the pen. She asks him to not come in. Malhar adds something in the water while Pratiksha looks for the pen and signs the file. Malhar says soon she will faint and I will make her mine. She will be in my arms. Pratiksha gives him the file. She says why did you come in? I asked you to stay outside. He says I needed sign on this other file as well.

Ravi and family do the pooja with the hosts. Ravi is worried for Pratiksha. He goes out to call Pratiksha. Dadi asks him what happened? He says I feel worried for Pratiksha. What is she’s not well. Pratiksha looks at the paper and coughs. Malhar gives her water. Pratiksha drinks it. Mandip comes to Ravi says let’s go back to pooja. That’s what we’re here for. She takes him back inside. Ravi continues the pooja. Kaviya says your Radha will be out of your life tonight. You will be mine only.

Manvi says Kaviya stops staring at Ravi madly. So many people are here. Kaviya says I can’t see anyone else. No one knows how much I love Ravi. Manvi asks what plan have you made now? She says I wanna get rid of Pratiksha. Manvi says your plans never worked. she says Malhar will do it for her. Pratiksha’s ex-lover. Ravi will hate Pratiksha after what he sees tonight. I’ve sent Malhar there. they’re alone there.

They will come close. Manvi says Pratiksha won’t ever do that. Kaviya says he would give her something intoxicating. He’d come close to her and we will get the photos. Manvi says when will everyone know? Kaviya says when we go here. She will be high for 15 minutes. We’ve to make sure we get there in 30 minutes. Kaviya says Malhar just texted she drank the water.

Scene 2
Pratiksha drinks the water and signs the papers. She says go from here now. Malhar says can I ask a question? Did you ever miss me? Ravi calls Pratiksha. he says you and I were supposed to get married. Ravi says I hope she’s okay. Why is she not picking the call He texts Kinjal and says make sure Pratiksha is okay. Amar looks at Ravi and asks what happened? he says Pratiksha isn’t picking the call. She wasn’t well. Kaviya says let’s go home then. Pratiksha says to Malhar what do you mean?

He says we were sitting in mandap. I know I couldn’t stop the wedding and I made a mistake. I was crazy in your love. I made a mistake that I left everything behind. I should have been there with you. Pratiksha says what are you saying. He says I did everything for our better. She says move on please. I have moved on. I have the best husband and I am very happy with him. Malhar says look at yourself. You don’t look happy.

She says don’t make stories. He says I was your hero. You had to marry me. You came here for him after he left you. I was mad because I thought you spent a night with him. Pratiksha shouts and says get out. He says you could give me one hint that you both haven’t had a wedding night yet and there’s no physical relationship. Then I would have accepted you all over again. I had to know that.

Pratiksha shouts and says get out. I know you were mad about what happened but how disgusting is your mentality? Is this a woman’s mentality. A woman is complete on her own. Malhar says then why did you come here? She says because that’s law. I should be with my husband. Malhar says but your husband married Kaviya. Pratiksha says she blackmailed him into marrying her. He had to save her. She doesn’t deserve his humanity. Malhar says can’t you see the reality? You’re defending that shameless husband of yours?

Pratiksha says shut up. Dont’ dare to say a word against my husband. You are a no one to me. He says I am your first husband. Pratiksha says shut up. He says what can you do? Call the police? I am the police myself. Call your Ravi. I can do his encounter. Pratiksha says enough. Get out of here. I wont’ hear a word against Ravi.

Episode ends

Precap-Everyone comes home and sees Malhar on sofa with Pratiksha. Malhar says Pratiksha tell everyone about our love. Don’t be scared. Pratiksha says this is a lie. RAvi wont’ trust us. Malhar says see our messages and love. Mandip says you’re disgusitng Pratiksha. I am ashamed to call you the DIL of this house. You’ve made our house impure.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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