Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 20th April 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kavya seeing Pratiksha and Ravi sitting for marriage. She thinks she won’t let Pratiksha marry Ravi and will insult her so much that she can’t hide her face in her 10/10 house. She senses someone is following her, and turns. Just then someone make her unconscious. Pandit ji asks them to do ghatbandhan.

Amy stops Pandit ji and asks Ravi and Kavya to dance before marriage. Adi says yes, the enemy family has left, now we shall celebrate. Pratiksha says give me strength to bear their hatred and do the duty of a bahu. Mandeep says it seems kaala tika saved them. Ravi says lets just finish it.

Amy says you are saying as if this is your 50th marriage anniversary and not first marriage. Dolly says it is not his first marriage, as he had married earlier 2 days back. Ravi and Pratiksha get up to dance. Pratiksha imagines dancing with him.

Everyone claps for them. Ravi thinks dance is over, and I didn’t realize it. Pratiksha says this fight is for her respect. Kinjal and Parul have kidnapped Kavya, and take her to room. Kavya says it was revenge marriage. Parul says you are witch, but your parents call you as your daughter, so marriage is a marriage. She asks her to marry some bachelor guy.

Kinjal tells Kavya that Ravi jiju has already married Pratiksha and let the marriage happen again. She says you are good, you will get any good guy, and asks her to settle down with other guy. Kavya says I will settle down with my crush and love. Parul says we will not let you do anything else. Kavya thinks she has to play this game smartly and says she has emotional connection with Ravi, and says you are right that he shall be with Pratiksha.

Parul says it is good. Kavya frees her hands and gets up, calling them blo*dy losers. She hits the vase on Parul’s head and faints her. She smirks. Kinjal is shocked. Hansa asks Prateik to drink milk and asks him not to take tension, and says your nieces will handle everything. Prateik prays that nothing wrong shall happen, and says they love their elder sister a lot.

Hansa asks him to love her a bit and says you love everyone, but not me. Prateik says you had thrown her out, and says it is good that she is fine. Hansa says Pratiksha went there, as I scolded her. Prateik says you didn’t tell me that she will go there. Kavya is about to hit Kinjal. Kinjal holds her hand and throws the vase. Kavya pushes her twice and runs out.

Kinjal tries to make Parul gain consciousness. She thinks how she will stop Kavya. Kavya makes Kinjal falls down and throws vase on her way. Kinjal gets hurt and gets up to catch her. She catches her in the room, but Kavya bites her hand and runs away. Parul comes to Kinjal. Kinjal tells her that Kavya has run away.

Kavya thinks Pratiksha’s family are goons, but she has handled them well. Amardeep and Gulshan are talking. Beeji asks Adi to get juice for her. Adi asks waiter to give juice. He gives juice to beeji and she adds wine in it, and drinks. Parul and Kinjal catch Kavya. Kavya says Ravi is my would be husband.

Parul says he is Pratiksha di’s husband. Kinjal says we have come to take revenge. They take her inside and threaten to break bottle on her head. They tie Kavya to the chair and go out. Parul says it is not fun and goes inside again. She says we shall also do entertainment as Prati di’s marriage is happening.

They play the song and dances. Kavya thinks how to go out from here. Kinjal and Parul get tired. Parul drinks water and throws the water on Kavya’s face. She taunts Kavya. They laugh. Parul says bye Kavya, we will meet after marriage. Kavya thinks to kill them.

Precap: Kavya calls Manvi and tells her that she is locked in the room. Manvi asks then who is in the mandap? Kavya says Pratiksha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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