Chand Jalne Laga 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Soni worrying for Ananya. Sartaj asks why you are worried. Soni tells that Ananya is wearing Tara’s saree which has gun powder and Mr. Malik, his sister and Raunaq are here, if our plan gets ruined then, just two hours left for Aarti? Sartaj asks her to have juice and calm down. He says he will talk to Ananya and will make Mr. Malik and others leave. He goes, and comes to Ananya. He asks if you are upset with me. Ananya tells that Mamma always scolds her. Sartaj says Mamma knows the best for you. He tries to manipulate her and tells that Soni had made this saree for Tara, as Tara thinks about everyone always. He says Soni got Vanraj bhai saheb kurta twin with Tara’s saree. He then gifts her white dress and asks her to twin with him. Ananya thanks him.

Deva, Tara and Farwari come to the inhouse temple. Tara prays for Mr. Malik. Deva thinks he will not trouble her today and asks God to bless her. Sartaj comes to Soni and says I have convinced Ananya. He says happy Diwali.

Tara looks at Deva’s clothes. Deva asks if there is any stain on it. Tara says stain doesn’t come on black clothes. She says everyone wears colorful clothes. Deva says but I like white and black. Farwari comes there and tells Deva that she knew that he will come in the same clothes and that’s why she brought colorful clothes for him. She sees Raunaq and asks Tara to handle him and goes. Deva tells Tara that colors don’t suit him. Tara says nobody wears black clothes for diwali. She selects clothes for him and asks him to come with her to change it. Farwari comes to Raunaq and talks to him. Deva walks behind Tara. Tara’s anklet falls down. Deva picks it and makes her wear it. She thanks him. Deva goes inside the room, while Tara stands outside. He looks at the room, and thinks there is every reflection of her in this room. He looks at Tara’s childhood pic and smiles. He looks at Bindi on the dressing table. Song plays…..Later Deva calls Farwari for help. Tara says she is not here, and asks if I can help. He says ok. Tara goes inside and sees him in kurta. She comes to him and buttons his kurta well. He looks at himself in the mirror.

Raunaq and Sartaj tell that they will show Punjabi Diwali. Soni gets upset. Ananya wishes happy Diwali to Mr. Malik and says so beautiful, so elegant, just wow. Deva thanks her and goes. Ananya asks her to wear the saree which her Mamma gifted her. Tara refuses. Ananya says she is twinning with her Papa and asks her to twin with Vanraj. Tara says ok and goes to change. She wears it. The clock strikes 8 pm. Tara comes downstairs. Soni sees Tara coming there in saree and smiles. Sartaj also smiles. Tara comes to Deva. He signs that she is looking good and smiles. Soni says thank god, she has worn gun powder saree. Tara comes to Soni. Soni says you are looking beautiful. Tara thanks her. Soni says she is her Chachi. Sartaj says he will handle Mr. Malik now. Soni thinks you have stamped my plan by wearing this saree, now dhamaka will happen.

Precap: Deva and Tara perform together.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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