Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd April 2024 Written Episode Update

Subhan, Ibadat and Mannat come to the family. Kaynaat says I have made a decision. I don’t accept your relationship with Mannat. Mannat panics and thinks this can’t happen. Subhan says fine, then I won’t marry anyone else. He apologizes to Mannat and says I can’t go against my mother. She says this can’t happen, she begs Kaynaat and says I broke your trust but please don’t do this. She asks Hamida and Dua to convince her. Dua says Kaynaat isn’t agreeing so I can’t do anything. Kaynaat tells Mannat that she can’t change her decision, you won’t marry Subhan. Subhan says I know her, she never changes her decision, we can’t force her. I am sorry but I can’t marry you. Mannat cries and says please don’t do this. Dua and others start laughing.

Mannat and Subhan are confused, Mannat asks why are they laughing? Dua says we are laughing at your panicked state. She says Kaynaat has agreed to this marriage. Subhan and Mannat are happy. Subhan says really? Kaynaat says yes, marry your love. He thanks her and says I love you.  He hugs everyone. He hugs Mannat and says I am so happy, Mannat says everyone is looking at us. Kaynaat says he has no shame left, Hafeez says he is just happy. Ravi goes to Ibadat and asks her to send him an items list. She opens her messages and finds a message sent to Dua from her which has the location of the farmhouse, she thinks I never sent this message to her, she recalls Armaan bumping into her at the farmhouse.

Ibadat goes to the family and congratulates Subhan. Kaynaat says you made this happen, she hugs her and thinks if anything goes wrong with the marriage then I won’t spare her. She thanks Ibadat for sorting everything. Hafeez says I have talked to the priest and they can get married after 3 days from now. Hamida says really? Dua says we can do an engagement tomorrow and have celebrations. Hina says we can do celebrations with the family and have big events for the wedding. Dua says we have to prepare for so many things. Ravi says don’t worry, I will handle everything.

Mannat thinks Farhan has 3 days to save me. Ibadat sees her and thinks she seems stressed. Mannat says this marriage can’t happen. All are stunned, Kaynaat asks why now? Dua asks what’s wrong? Mannat says I mean why hurry so much? we should get a chance to spend time together first. Kaynaat says Subhan can’t wait anymore, he will die now. Subhan says its true that I can’t wait anymore. Hamida says you both have lifetime to understand each other. Ibadat thinks I can see Mannat is up to something and I will find out. Dua thinks only Ibadat isn’t happy here, what if I was right about her having feelings for Subhan.

Mannat is going to her room but Subhan stops her and says I want to say something.. I mean can I kiss? she is shocked, he says I am sorry. I meant we can kiss quickly, just on the cheek. He offers his cheek and closes his eyes. Mannat thinks she doesn’t even wanna look at him, she leaves from there. Ibadat comes there, Subhan murmurs she must be shy, I can initiate. He kisses her without looking and its actually Ibadat’s cheek. She is surprised and smiles at him. He opens his eyes and says you? I thought it was Mannat, she left. Ibadat thinks why did Mannat run away from him? I have to find out what’s going on and only Armaan can answer me.

The episode ends. 

Update Credit to: Atiba

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