Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Anushka calling Ayush again and again. Ayush talks to Gupta ji on a business call. He ends the call and says if he is not picking the call, then he must be busy. She says sorry and says the matter is serious, and tells that Rishi left Malishka in Delhi without informing and went to Gurdaspur. Ayush says there must be some reason. She says she knows, but if she tells him then he might run to go there. She says don’t go there, and says Paro is kidnapped. Ayush asks who has kidnapped her? He ends the call.

Zameendar thinks if Ranjeet will succeed. Lakshmi and Shalu come there, and asks about Ranjeet. Zameendar says he is not here. Shalu checks in the house. He asks Lakshmi if she wants to marry Ranjeet that she is searching him. They ask where is Paro? Zameendar says he doesn’t know, and asks them to leave. Shalu threatens him and leave. He gets happy.

Rishi thinks Gurdaspur is about to come, and thinks to talk to lakshmi and then will go to PS. Neelam calls Rishi and asks him to come back. Rishi says actually….I… Neelam says you left Malishka alone, who named her life for you. Rishi asks if Malishka told you. Neelam says I forced her, else she wouldn’t have said that. She asks him, what is your relation with them and asks him to come back. Rishi says she is his daughter, and says she was calling help from me. He says I will say sorry to Malishka, and you taught me to help others. He says he will save Paro and then will return. Lakshmi tells Shalu that if Ranjeet has kidnapped him then he has kept her in village itself. She says we shall search in such places. Shalu says yes.

The goons ask Ranjeet about his plan. Ranjeet is about to tell them, when Paro tries to hear. He says I will tell you the plan. The goon stops him. Ranjeet scolds the goon for revealing the other plan before Paro, and tells that Lakshmi will come to him. Paro closes her eyes and calls Rishi in her heart for help. Rishi hears her and thinks in his heart that he is coming. Paro smiles, and thinks Dad has come. Ranjeet looks at him. Rishi and Lakshmi sense each other and the song plays….Rohan calls Rishi and asks him to save his sister. Rishi asks Rohan if there is some isolated place. Rohan tells him and says Jeet had told him. He tells that Paro had tied him rakhi and asks him to save her. Rishi assures him. Neelam tells Karishma that Rishi has again started unfollowing her talks. Karishma says we shouldn’t have let Paro stay here, Paro trapped her, and that time Lakshmi had trapped him. Neelam says her son’s life is getting ruined because of another Lakshmi.

Ranjeet tells Par that if she is thinking that she can shout and call help then shout. He says no city guy can come here and save her. Zameendar calls Ranjeet and alerts him saying Lakshmi is searching him.

Ranjeet says call Lakshmi. Paro says don’t call my mother. Ranjeet says he will give her gift. Paro says she don’t want any gift from him. Ranjeet says then also I will give. He calls lakshmi, but lakshmi couldn’t hear him, as her phone is not working. She calls from Shalu’s phone, but the goon rejects the call. Ranjeet asks him to pick the call. Lakshmi says you had called on the other number and says she is lakshmi. Ranjeet takes the call and asks Lakshmi to come here, as Paro is with him. Lakshmi says she will come there and asks him to make her talk to Paro. Paro asks Lakshmi not to come there, either inform Police or call Dad.

Precap: Rohan tells Dadi that Paro is kidnapped. Malishka tells Kiran that Rishi left her for stranger girl. Shalu tells Lakshmi that Ranjeet will blackmail her to marry him. Rishi prays for Paro. Paro sees Rishi standing far. Lakshmi tells that a mother can take kaali’s avatar for her child.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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