Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update

Preeta says why is she feeling that Roma just wants to prevent her from going, Roma asks why is she talking to her in this manner when she is not even a part of this family, Karina interferes then says she wants to talk about something important with her, Karina takes Preeta away, Roma thinks she can go anywhere but not after her son, Roma goes to stand with Rakhi and Bani Dadi, Karina questions why is Preeta talking to her in this manner as they are the girls side, Preeta asks what is the issue when in the modern times both the girls an the grooms side are equal, Karina takes Preeta away mentioning she has something very important to talk about, Rakhi is worried, Karina entering the room tells Preeta she could also talk with her outside but did not want to make a scene and they are still the girls side, Preeta replies what does it mean when they are giving their girl to them and they should be grateful as they are getting Kavya, Karina asks if anyone said that she is the mother of Kavya then why is she behaving like it so informs Nidhi just gave her the responsibility for the function today, Preeta asks what did she said which caused Karina jee to be so furious, Karina replies this is what she wanted to find out however Karina mentions that if Varun and Roma face any problem because of her then there would be no one worse then her, Preeta gets worried.

Bani Dadi asks Karina what did the both of them talked when Karina exclaims she does not know what this girl wants, Karina informs Preeta misbehaved with Roma jee when she is going to be a member of their family and what if she ends the relation, Karina says both kavya and Varun love each other but if Roma ends this relation then what would happen to Kavya, Rakhi tells Karina if the relation of Kavya breaks due to Preeta then she would not be in this house even for a moment, Bani Dadi suggests they should keep Preeta away from Kavya and she should just fulfill the responsibility of the function

Karan notices that Preeta is very tensed so he goes to her, Bi je tells Daljeet that she should break the relation of Palki right now as it would cause pain if they get late, Daljeet says Rajveer does not even make any problem so then she can cause problems, Bi jee says that they just have to make a story and cause problems, she informs Daljeet of the plan who gets excited hearing it and rejoices, Daljeet then sees Palki.

Karan signals Preeta who is worried so asks if she is sad or tensed, Preeta refuses but he calls her a liar then she asks how does he know her so well, Karan then stops for a moment, Preeta is very nervous.

The guests say the girl who would apply the Mehandi came, Preeta leaves saying she will come in a moment, karan thinks that something is surely wrong.

Daljeet seeing Palki goes to her explaining she will come in a moment when Karina calls Kavya who goes with her, Daljeet tells Palki she wants her to be nice with Rajveer as she feels he is not interested with her and she saw him talking with someone on the phone that she is just with him and not leaving him for even a moment while he feels suffocated, Bi jee coming explains even she heard but when she could not believe it then how would she accept it. Kavya seeing Palki asks her to come, Daljeet and Bi jee both also ask her to leave after which they start smiling, Bi jee says they had to sow the seed of suspicion which they have done but now it will ruin the relationship.

Bani Dadi asks all those who want to get the Mehandi applied come, Shanaya sees Shaurya so asks when will their Mehandi function happen, he says when their parents decide but he is not that eager. The ritual starts when Karina is applying the Mehandi so Kavya calls Varun to come and help in selecting the design, Varun selects the design and then compliments Kavya for looking even more beautiful after which they all start smiling. Rajveer says to Mahesh that he has started forgetting things so kept the password as his birthday when Mahesh says that he should not talk of the things in the open when they are talking but suddenly Palki comes with the Mehandi design asking him to choose the one she should get applied, Rajveer gets a call so leaves which makes Palki get sad, Mahesh asks why is she so sad as these are just small things, Rajveer says he will talk with him later.

Karan is smiling when he sees Preeta leaving after saying she will bring the lemon and sugar, Karan follows her which Arohi notices and gets worried.

Preeta in the kitchen is taking out the lemon which she is cutting but keeps thinking of when Karina asks why is she feeling that she is the mother of Kavya, Rakhi also warned her to not forget the place she has in this house, she is shocked to see Karan standing in front of her and questions why does she seem so tensed, Preeta asks why does he feel she is tense when it is not the case, but just cutting the lemon and sugar for those who applied the Mehandi, she asks if he wants anything but he refuses however is still worried, he turns to leave when he sees Arohi standing at the entrance of the kitchen however leaves, Arohi slowly walks to Preeta asking if Karan seemed a bit tensed, Preeta replies she did not feel it, Arohi tells Preeta that Karan loves Nidhi a lot as they have stayed together for so long and would remain in the future, she says how girls think he is in love with them but does Preeta not also think the same, Arohi mentions Karan only loves Nidhi and it just beats for her, Preeta replies she knows it because when Nidhi was in the hospital she saw how Karan was very tensed , Arohi wonders why did Preeta not get jealous so she leaves.

Palki enters the room when she goes to stand in front of the mirror thinking how her mother told her that Rajveer does not take a lot of interest in her and she heard him talking with someone on the phone that he feels suffocated when she is around him but she does not care, Palki recalls how Rajveer also refused to help her.

Rajveer entering the room asks Palki what has happened but she does not say anything, he asks why does he feel she wants to say something but he cannot understand, she tries to leave when he stops her asking what has happened, Palki says her mother said that he has different priorities but she is not in them, she feels that her mother is right but they donot matter for him and she just wanted him to select the Mehandi design even when it is a childish act, Rajveer says they would not talk of these matters as it is going in the wrong direction, he leaves while Palki gets worried.

Bani Dadi is sitting with Karina who asks how are they beating the drums when she can do it better then them, Bani Dadi says she has a lot of misconception about her but it is not true, she however agrees with Karina when she starts getting furious.

Rakhi asks Varun to also get the Mehandi applied when Sandy says he also wants to get the Mehandi applied, Gautham questions why does he want to do it when he is neither getting married not a girl, Sandy says the times have changed and girls also keep small hair while boys have long hair just like him so when the girls do not have any problem then he gets it applied on his hand, Sandy says why is the event so boring so he gets a song played dafter which they all start dancing on it, he even involved the entire Luthra family one by one, Varun suddenly gets a call on his mobile which he secretly ends in the corner before going to hug Shaurya, Rajveer thinks he needs to find out the password from Dada jee but sees Rakhi so starts to go towards her but she leaves.

Shaurya going in the corner starts drinking when Sandy asks what happened then Shaurya questions if he is fine, Sandy says the boys are very boring but Shaurya asks if he is not a boy, Sandy replies he felt like dancing then it is good for him, Shaurya says he is glad that Sandy is involved in all of his family functions, Sandy replies she is also his sister. Palki comes to the front when Sandy informs she seems a it worried, Shaurya sees the waiter so calls him asking if he is actually a detective or just a waiter but the detective replies he knows how to do his work, Shaurya wonders where is his father.

Karan is on the phone when Arohi comes asking if he is fine, he replies he is indeed fine when Arohi leaves saying that everything would be fine.

Preeta comes out of the kitchen when she sees Karan sitting on the chair, he immediately gets up when Preeta says she felt nice after finding out something, he asks what does she mean when she replies that he loves his wife a lot, Karan questions which wife, Preeta replies she meant Nidhi hearing which karan gets shocked.


Update Credit to: Sona

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