BhagyaLakshmi 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode unfurls with Malishka lamenting to Anushka about the shattering of her dreams. Karishma chastises Anushka for kindling false hopes in Malishka, while Neelam defends Anushka, stating it’s not her fault.

The Vice Principal brings good news to Lakshmi, informing her that Paro’s admission is secured and their accommodation has been arranged. Grateful, Lakshmi promises to fetch Paro from the Oberoi’s residence. Shalu requests the Vice Principal for their new address, and he directs the peon to guide Shalu to their new home.

Anushka seeks forgiveness from Karishma and Malishka. Karishma sternly advises her not to repeat her errors. Neelam reveals that Paro has reentered their lives, while Karishma suspects that Paro’s mother has conspired to relocate to Mumbai. Malishka insists on keeping Rishi distanced from Paro’s mother.

Lakshmi’s arrival at the Oberoi mansion brings joy to Rohan and Paro. Rohan invites Lakshmi to meet his family, but she defers the meeting until after she settles into her new house. Parvati concurs and invites Lakshmi to visit their new abode. Malishka spots Lakshmi at the Oberoi mansion and is taken aback. She rushes towards Lakshmi for confirmation but stumbles and collapses. Rohan is alarmed, and Malishka loses consciousness. Rohan summons Neelam, who arrives and expresses concern for Malishka. She revives Malishka by sprinkling water on her face. Rohan leaves to inform Karishma.

Neelam inquires about Malishka’s condition, and Malishka reveals that Lakshmi is alive. Rohan relays Malishka’s condition to Karishma and Anushka and requests their presence in the hall.

Neela tries to convince Malishka that ‘Lakshmi was dead’. However, Malishka pleads with her to believe her and accompany her to verify Lakshmi’s presence.

Parvati and Lakshmi visit a temple, coincidentally the same one where Malishka and Neelam arrive. Karishma and Anushka notice Malishka and Neelam’s absence in the hall. Malishka spots Lakshmi from behind in the temple. Neelam steps forward to investigate. Lakshmi turns around when she senses someone calling her.

A child brushes against Neelam’s saree, causing her to turn around. Lakshmi doesn’t notice anyone and departs. Another woman takes Lakshmi’s place, and Neelam, upon seeing her, concludes it’s not Lakshmi.

Neelam assures Malishka that it’s not Lakshmi and pulls her away.

Lakshmi questions Parvati’s haste in leaving the Oberoi mansion. Parvati explains that she doesn’t want the Oberois to reprimand her as they did Parvati. She speculates that they might not have appreciated her presence. Upon hearing this, Lakshmi advises Parvati to avoid visiting the Oberoi mansion. Parvati shares her confusion about the sudden hostility from the Oberoi family members.

Neelam and Malishka return to the Oberoi mansion. Malishka implores Neelam to believe that she saw Lakshmi. Karishma questions Malishka about their conversation. Malishka insists that she saw Lakshmi and that she is alive. Karishma dismisses it as a mistake, and Neelam suggests that Malishka is hallucinating. Despite their skepticism, Malishka continues to assert that she saw Lakshmi. Neelam loses her patience and admonishes Malishka to stop overthinking. Rishi and Harleen come home.

Malishka queries Rishi about his encounters with Lakshmi. Rishi affirms that he has seen Lakshmi. Neelam ushers Rishi away and instructs Malishka never to mention Lakshmi’s name in front of Rishi.

Episode Ends

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