Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th April : Sahiba Meets Brar Family !

Amanpreet/Amu thanks Angad for the dinner. Angad says she didn’t have anything, he remembers her picking food from other’s plate in childhood. Amu says that old Amu is gone now and and gets sad describing what she feels. Angad says he knows how she feels. Amu says she can’t express what she is feeling after her breakup, asks him to forget about her and tell why he looks sad. Angad says there is nothing wrong in his life. Amu recalls their childhood memories. Angad also feels nostalgic. Amu greets him goodnight and goes to her room. Angad opens his room, realizes that he forgot something in his car, and walks away.

Sahiba reaches hotel, takes Angad’s room number from reception, and reaches his room. She confuses Angad’s shirt on a chair as Angad. Power goes off just then. Sahiba warns him to stay away from both Akeer and Diljeet as she knows what he is up to. She recalls the event when she learnt in a camp that she is still pregnant and had lost one baby out of twins, informs Angad over phone about the same, and Angad’s reply that it’s too late for anything and disconnecting the call. She says he abandoned her and Akeer years ago, so now he doesn’t have any right to meet Akeer or Diljeet and should stay away from them from here. She walks out of the room. Angad walks in just then and notices Sahiba near the lift. He thinks what was she doing here.

Next morning, Akeer asks Sahiba why was she angry on his friend. Sahiba says she is elder to him and knows what is better for him, he shouldn’t meet his friend Angad again and should promise her. He promises her. She asks him to finish his milk and then go out to play. A mysterious person watches them standing near the door. Akeer acts as finishing milk, throw it in a plant pot, and says he will go and play with cycle now. Sahiba asks him not to go far away and play around the house. Mysterious person shows balloon and toy to Akeer. Akeer feels tempted and walks to him. Sahiba searches for him and hears him talking to someone near the gate. She asks who was it. Akeer says he will not inform her about his secret friend as he promised his friend, not even his mamma. Sahiba thinks why Angad is hiding and meeting Akeer. Mysterious man looks at her.

Akeer’s friends come to invite him for a cricket match. Sahiiba asks them to play in the lawn itself. Akeer says they want to play in a cricket ground. Diljeet says he is going to get grocery and will drop kids to the cricket ground. Sahiba agrees. Diljeet drops kids to the cricket ground next to the hotel and leaves. Akeer plays cricket and hits ball to Manveer’s car window and breaks it. Manveer gets angry. Akeer requests her to return their ball. She scolds them, shoos them away, and throws ball away. Angad asks why she looks angry. Manveer says a few uncultured kids broke car window. Angad asks her not to worry as he will get it fixed via mechanic.

Akeer returns home and looks sad. Sahiba asks reason. Akeer describes how an arrogant aunty took his ball away and scolded him. Diljeet says he will go and get ball from the aunty and even scold her. Sahiba stops them and asks Akeer where was he playing cricket. Akeer says cricket ground near the hotgel. Sahiba thinks Angad is staying in this hotel. Angad takes Amu to a restaurant and seeing her A tattoo says it’s a cool Amanpreet tattoo. Amu gets sad and says she is tired of explaining people that it’s not Amanpreet but her ex-fiance’s initial. Angad apologizes and orders food.

Manveer tells Amu’s parents that they both look so happy together, why didnt’ she think about their marriage before. Arminder says marriage is not a toy game to be played casually, it’s a serious commitment and they should taken an informed decision. Manveer says they shouldn’t hurry and take their own time. Harleen says Amu and Angd are hurt in their previous relationship and their pain is same. Arminder says it’s not same as Angad married and spent years with his wife before divorcing her, but Amu is still unmarried; Angad maybe still remembers his wife and he is not okay with this relationship. Harleen says they shall speak to their children and take a decision.

Manveer walks out of hotel with Jasleen and tells her that they shall think about Angad and Amu’s marriage. She fumes looking at her car’s broken window glass. Sahiba reaches there with Akeer and asks Akeer to apologize the lady. Akeer apologizes Manveer. Manveer turns and gets angry seeing Sahiba. Sahiba is also shocked seeing them. Akeer asks if they know each other.

Precap: Sahiba breaks down seeing Akeer’s stuff, ignores Diljeet and runs to Angad, and asks if their son would be fine. Angad promises that Akeer would be fine. Diljeet stands shocked seeing that.

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