Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 27th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
The party starts. Eisha says it’s a good party. Veer says it’s low for my standard. Cherry comes with Laksh. She holds his hand and says how are you What are you doing with him? Veer says she’s having fun. Cherry says no one spoke to you. Mehak, Nan, and Armaan are in the jungle. They prepare for the gate to open. Eisha meets Armaan. Vihaan meets Ana at the party.

They go for a walk. Nan starts the preparations. Mehak says we are ready. Veer has blood. Ana says to Vihaan it’s so nice and peaceful here. He says when I come here I miss someone. He recalls Sarah. She says is she dead? Vihaan says she’s alive. Vihaan says let’s get to know each other. She says I would love to but I am leaving forever.

Vihaan asks where? She says way from this city. My mom and I won’t live here. He says are you joking? Ana says a=do you care? He says perhaps. Ana says such is life. Goodbye. Vihaan kisses her forehead. He says your face is changing. She says nothing. He says no your face. Vicky hits him on the head. Ana says careful, I will meet my mom because of him.

Cherry and Laksh dance at the party. She says Laksh I wrote poetry for you. She says I held your hand and made Eisha jealous. I wanted to show her I am a good human which you are. Laksh says wow. She says I want us to be together forever. Laksh says I am sure of you. I won’t change my path. Cherry hugs him.

Scene 2
Mehak and Nan start the spell. The wall around the gate starts breaking. The gate opens. Mehak says our mantras are working Veer and Amraan prepare to go in. Armaan says Eisha will you in with me? She says for what? He says you thought you can lock me in there Nan? And I will die there. I don’t trust anyone. Eisha will come with me. Nan says no Eisha don’t go. Nan says I can shut the door as well.

Eisha says if eh things going with me is safe, I will go with him. Veer says okay then let’s go. Eisha goes with Veer. Armaan sees Vicky. He says what are you doing here? He says we have a plan. Ana says I wanna go inside the cave to meet my mom. Armaan says sorry that can’t happen. She says I knew you would say that so I brought something. If you don’t let me go in, Vicky will make Vihaan his dinner. Now it’s your choice.

Eisha and Veer come inside the cave. Eisha feels someone was behind her. She says who was it? Veer says must be a wolf. Be careful. You are not my responsibility. He looks for Kaviya. Ana comes there. Mehak says you can’t go in. Ana says no one can stop me. She goes inside. Nan says she will never come out. None of them will come out. Armaan fights with Vicky.

Armaan stabs him. Eisha loses Veer/ She looks around. She sees a lot of dead wolves there. One of them opens his eyes. Armaan comes there. He asks here is Eisha? Mehak says Veer took her inside. Nan says if you go in, you can’t come out. There are a lot of spells here. I broke the spell that lets people go in but not the one that lets people come out.

Armaan says Eisha is a human so she can come out but my brother will not be able to come out. How can you do that? She says I protected my propel. I told you that. Eisha can come out, she will be fine. You can think about yourself. Armaan says I will not level my brother alone inside.

Ana comes after Eisha. Eisha screams. Ana says you can’t run from me. You will always find me near me. Eisha stubble on someone. It’s Nandini. Ana says ma. She says see what your boyfriend did to my mom. Eisha says his dad did. Ana says Aman Sharma did this, your great-grandfather. He played with her feelings now you will bring her back to life. She bites her wrist.

Eisha screams. Armaan runs inside. Nan stops Mehak. She says how will they come out? There will be some mantra to come out. Please tell me what to do. Please help me. Ana forces Eisha to give her blood to Nandini. Eisha tries to resist. Armaan comes there. Nandini opens her eyes. Armaan hugs Eisha. He says are you okay? Nandini says, Ana. Ana hugs her. She says maa. They hug each other.

Mehak asks Nan how can they keep the gate open. Eisha comes out. Mehak asks where is Armaan? Esha says he asked me to go first. He’s coming. Armaan comes to the gate. Eisha says what is this wall? Armaan says I can’t come out. Nan says the wall isn’t broken. I asked Armaan not to go in. Eisha says why did you come there? Armaan says I heard your scream and I couldn’t leave Veer alone.

Nan says I am trying to break this wall. You have to worry, it won’t last for long. Veer looks for Kaviya inside the cave. Armaan comes to Veer. Veer says Kaviya is nowhere. I looked everywhere in the cave. Veer says this is a liar. He breaks a bottle. Veer asks where is Kaviya? They will lock us here. Mehak says we have to break this wall Nan, please. They try to read some mantras.

Ana comes out with Nandini. She says I only came here for my mother. We won’t harm Vihaan or anyone. We will go far away from here. Nan says to ask Veer and Armaan to come out. it won’t last for long. Armaan says to Veer let’s go please. Veer says I won’t go without Kaviya.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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