Bhagya Lakshmi 28th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Soni asking her friends to come to her house. She goes to kitchen to drink water. Lakshmi recalls Malishka and her making prasad. She gets up and goes to the kitchen. Ayush goes behind her and then they come back and sit for puja. Sonia comes there and sits. Kiran comes there and prays to God. Karishma asks why she is late? Kiran says there is so much traffic.

Karishma says something is going to happen which didn’t happen till now. Pandit ji asks Neelam to get the prasad. Neelam sends Malishka and Lakshmi to get their prasads. Lakshmi says all the best to Malishka. Malishka says thank you. Dadi asks Pandit ji to take some prasad from both bowls for bhog. Pandit ji keeps the bhog. Kiran says you have to win.

Malishka says I will win. Neelam and Virender start the aarti followed by Dadi and others. Rishi does aarti with Malishka. Lakshmi does aarti with her sisters. Naina bhare….Pandit ji says puja is completed and asks Neelam to give prasad to everyone.

Neelam says ok. Rishi asks everyone to sit and says first one prasad will be served, followed by other prasad. He asks them to taste and tell which prasad is best. Dadi says it is good. Shalu tells Rano about the competition. Rano tells that even 1000 Malishka can’t defeat Lakshmi in cooking. Shalu says perfect. Rishi asks Ayush to sit.

Ayush says he will serve. Rishi says today I will not let anyone to point finger at anyone. He asks Neelam and Virender to serve the prasads. Karishma says I will serve. Neelam says it is a good deed, I will serve. Dadi says serve the prasad. Rishi calls Mukesh.

He asks Pandit ji to serve which prasad first. Pandit ji says this one. Rishi thinks this was brought by Malishka. Mukesh and other Servant keeps the prasad on the table. Neelam and Virender give the bowls to everyone. Everyone eats the prasad. Rishi says now nobody will tell anything and not give any verdict. He says now everyone will eat the other prasad. He serves the other prasad in the bowls and also gives it Pandit ji.

Everyone eats the second prasad also. Pandit ji says now I will leave. Virender asks Ayush to give him money. Ayush gives him money. Pandit ji blesses him to be happy always. Ayush thanks him and says you are a nice guy. He asks Pandit ji which one is better? Pandit ji says both were good. He leaves. Everyone keeps their bowls. Mukesh and the other Servant bring the prasad bowls.

Rishi says wait is finally over, we will tell who has won and who has lost, but we are family. He says nobody knows other than me, which is Lakshmi and Malishka’s bowls. Everyone likes 2 no. prasad. Rishi asks about Shalu, Rano and Bani. Sonia says they are not family. Rano says Lakshmi is our family and will leave. Rishi asks Sonia what is this? Sonia asks what? Virender says if this is the way to talk, Lakshmi is my daughter that’s why she is here. bani says wherever she is, we will be with her.

Shalu says we will never leave her. Dadi apologizes to Rano on Sonia’s behalf. Rano says its ok. Shalu says we didn’t know which is Lakshmi di’s bowl. Ayush asks Sonia why she didn’t stop Sonal when she was saying. He asks them to say. They all like 2nd one. Neha asks Ayush to tell what he likes. He asks her to tell her choice. Neha says 2nd. Ayush also says 2nd.

Rishi says everyone liked the 2nd prasad and says now it will be revealed, who has made it. He shows the winner name as Lakshmi on the bowl. Ayush, Ahana, Dadi, and others get happy. Sonia says this is wrong, everything is lie. Malishka says I made prasad nicely, something is missing.

Rishi says what everyone ate was yours first and then they ate Lakshmi’s prasad. Sonia says Lakshmi had mixed something in Malishka’s prasad. She recalls Lakshmi sprinkling something in Malishka’s prasad. Ayush comes there. Sonia thinks to hear what they will talk.

Ayush asks Lakshmi if this is your bowl and says you will win. Lakshmi says this is Malishka’s bowl. He says something will happen which didn’t happen till now. Ayush says lets defeat Malishka. Fb ends. Malishka says this bowl is mine.

Virender says why Lakshmi’s name is written on the bowl. Malishka says this is my bowl. Shalu says why you are accusing di. Bani says if you are Annapurna, that Lakshmi di will change her bowl with yours. Malishka shouts at her and asks her to silent. Virender says Lakshmi can’t change the bowl. Dadi says yes. Sonia says she had changed the bowls.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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