Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 27th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kavya telling Mandeep that Ravi went to Pratiksha. Mandeep asking her not to think wrong. Ravi tells don’t be oversmart, you heard me. He says today Kavya and Mom scolded you so much and asks her to forgive his family. Pratiksha says I am sorry to meet you. He says he is not sorry for his doings and tells that he is saying sorry, as she has done so much for temple.

Pratiksha says your apology is like knife which is attacking my heart. Mandeep asks Kavya not to forget that Ravi doesn’t love her, but regards you like a friend, and is marrying you for keerti’s promise. She asks him not to poke Ravi like an irritated child. Manvi says why you are hurting my daughter. Mandeep says your daughter is hurting my son.

She says that girl doesn’t exist for me, and says if you do any mistake then Ravi will back out. She says if he goes then he will not come back. Manvi says why you are talking negative. Mandeep says I am saying truth and says he is doing this marriage for his promise. He says why she blamed Ravi and asks Manvi to make Kavya understand, if this thing goes on then Ravi will not marry Kavya.

Ravi calls Pratiksha as Pakao Pratiksha and says you are bitter, and says when you go to anyone’s house then they will be bitter. Pratiksha says if you go to any house, then they will get heart attack. Pratiksha gives him sweets. Ravi eats it. The girl says it was eaten by Aunty. Ravi asks why you didn’t say. Pratiksha says why you didn’t ask. She says my Mummy says that love will increase.

Hansa tells Radhika that Kinjal agrees for marriage and asks when Avinash will come. Radhika says Avinash will agree to marry Kinjal. She gives her silver coin. Hansa asks if you will do rasam with gold coin when Avinash goes to Dubai. Pratiksha says everything is joke for you, you married me and then abandoned me, and says how you will love. Pratiksha says sorry seeing tears in his eyes.

He tells her own words and then asks her to accept her sorry. She refuses. Pratiksha says you are hurt, as everyone said bad things to me, you are feeling bad. Kinjal thinks to tell Pratiksha. Ravi asks her to say forgive him simply. Pratiksha asks what do you think that this has happened to me for the first time, and says no, this happens with me daily, people make fun of me, because of you.

Ravi says he don’t want to hear her melodrama. Pratiksha says wrong thing have happened with you, but if you will do wrong with me. She says you think me guilty, and that’s why married me, and then abandoning me. She says your face gets dull when your marriage is talked with kavya.

She says you have no right to insult me, if you don’t respect me. She tells him Ravi what marriage means to her, and tells that he has made her life colorless, and tells that people calls her with bad words. She says she don’t want his attention or sorry, and goes. Dolly hears them. Hansa talks to Radhika and Pankaj.

Ravi asks Pratiksha to accept his sorry for today. Pratiksha refuses and asks him to leave her Pallu. He says he didn’t hold it. She turns and sees her pallu. Kinjal searches for Pratiksha. Kavya asks if you are spying on us and says she will ask her father to give her more money. Kinjal says she don’t need anything. Kavya tells that she might be crying somewhere after her insult.

Kinjal indirectly insults Kavya and goes. Manvi asks Kavya not to get angry. Ravi shows that her pallu is stuck in his watch. Pratiksha tries to free her pallu. She frees it and goes. Ravi goes behind her. Pratiksha says she has so much work and asks him to go. He says today is my marriage and I see in your eyes that you get effected. Pratiksha asks if I get effected then will you take me to your home. Ravi looks on.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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