BhagyaLakshmi 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update

The scene opens with Neelam noticing Lakshmi’s distracted state. In an attempt to get Lakshmi’s attention, Neelam accidentally drops a glass. Neelam then questions Lakshmi if her dream has shattered just like the broken glass. Neelam further asks if Lakshmi is fantasizing about having control over Rishi. In a mocking tone, Neelam taunts Lakshmi. In response, Lakshmi expresses her disappointment that Neelam, whom she had always respected as a mother, never understood her. Lakshmi reminds Neelam of the circumstances under which she was brought into the house and questions the fairness of Neelam’s actions in keeping her in the dark.

Meanwhile, Rishi recollects Neelam’s words. Ayush enters the scene and notices Rishi’s sadness. Curious, Ayush asks Rishi if he is in love with Lakshmi. Rishi denies any such feelings and claims there is nothing between them. Confused, Ayush humorously mentions that he doesn’t know if he should feel happy or sad. On one hand, he is happy because Rishi is getting married, but on the other hand, he is sad because Lakshmi will be leaving the house. Ayush then presses Rishi to give him a clear answer to his question.

Lakshmi tells Neelam that she would never want Rishi to choose her over Malishka in marriage. In order to make Neelam believe her, Lakshmi offers her to leave the house immediately.

Ayush attempts to convince Rishi of his love for Lakshmi, and Rishi listens to his words.

Neelam compliments Lakshmi and promises to prevent her from leaving the house until the marriage takes place. Neelam urges Lakshmi not to consider leaving the house until the marriage is finalized.

Harleen and Virendra tell Shalu and Bani that they need to make Rishi understand his love for Lakshmi today since Ayush has already started working on it. Shalu and Bani agree.

Lakshmi approaches Neelam, who insists that she must stay by her side like a shadow until the marriage. Lakshmi questions what she should do if Virendra and Harleen call for her. Neelam suggests that Lakshmi can inform them that she asked her to stay with her.

Virendra explains to Shalu and Bani that they must convince Rishi that he loves Lakshmi. Both Shalu and Bani agree with his suggestion. Meanwhile, Sonia overhears their conversation. Ayush approaches Harleen and Virendra to inform them that he has done his part. Impressed, Virendra and Harleen commend Ayush for his work. Virendra then instructs Shalu and Bani to fulfill their assigned tasks. However, Sonia decides to intervene and prevent Shalu and Bani from carrying out their plans.

Kiran approaches Neelam and expresses gratitude for organizing Rishi and Malishka’s wedding. Kiran inquires about Lakshmi’s whereabouts and Neelam assures her that she is closely monitoring Lakshmi’s activities to ensure she doesn’t cause any trouble before the wedding. Kiran is pleased to know that Lakshmi is under Neelam’s watchful eye and eventually leaves the conversation.

Shalu and Bani arrive at Rishi’s room, but Sonia intercepts them and adamantly denies them entry. In response, Shalu and Bani inform Sonia that Harleen has found a potential match named Rishi for Lakshmi. Confused by the mention of two Rishis, Sonia is led by Shalu to the actual person named Rishi.

Sonia and Bani approach Rishi, informing him about Harleen’s intention to marry another Rishi residing in the USA. They express their concerns for Rishi, emphasizing that he could lose Lakshmi if she marries someone else. Shalu intervenes, questioning Rishi about the significance of Lakshmi in his life. In response, Rishi sincerely confesses that Lakshmi means everything to him.

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