Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : New Gen Aagaye !

Dadi waiting for Akshu at the gate and calling her out. Akshu is seen on the way. She stops the man and boards the boat. Suwarna says Akshu will be coming, our wait of three years will end. Dadi says she had to go that time. Akshu sees the people and sings for them. Dil se bandhi….plays… Suwarna hears some sound and asks what’s this blast. She laughs seeing Manish and Alhilesh with the cake splashed on their cake. Manish asks are you laughing on me, I was making cake for Akshu and Aarohi. Vansh comes and records them. He says I m just doing my work, your messy video will get me many likes, why do you do this, I would have made the cake. Suwarna jokes. She asks him to fix the cake. Manish says someone else does the blasts in this house, I have to talk to them, I hope everything is fine. Akhilesh says they have grown up. Manish says wounds shouldn’t grow. Suwrna says nothing will happen when Akshu comes back.

Akshu dances with the girls. She prays that everything gets fine. Kairav comes and says your wish will be fulfilled. She hugs him and says we missed you. He says they all are happy that you are coming. She says they must be more happy, Aarohi’s MBBS result is coming, I had to come this time, my Aarohi called me, I m super ready to meet them. He takes her home. She gets a big surprise. Dadi hugs her. Suwarna also hugs her and says you didn’t miss me. Akshu says I missed you a lot. She compliments Akhilesh and hugs him. Vansh jokes and dances with her. Manish comes and hugs her. She asks him not to cry. He says men who don’t hug their children and cry, don’t look true, forget Aarohi’s annoyance. Akshu says I never felt bad of her words, forget it, Vansh tell me, what will you feed me today. Kairav says I m your fav. She says you both are my fav, Ram Lakhan. They dance and hug. Akshu calls out Aarohi and says I m back, we are together again. Aarohi says don’t say, its a happy thing. Kairav says everyone can see the happiness. Aarohi recalls Sirat’s death. Akshu runs and hugs her. She says its a special day for me also. Kairav says we know, your MBBS result is going to come today. Aarohi hugs him. Vansh says you are the first one to become doctor in our family. Aarohi ignores Akshu. Manish stops them and says there is still time for result to come, I want to talk to you.

Suwarna asks does he need to talk today. Dadi says yes, he is doing right. Manish says we know Akshu wants to join NGO, and Aarohi will become a doctor, if your parents were there toay, they would have talked to you, its my responsibility, I want to talk about… They ask marriage? What’s the hurry? He says you have grown up, you can find the guys, if you like anyone, make them meet us, else we will find the guys. Aarohi says there is no one in my life, I will share it with you if I like someone. He says nice. Akshu says give me some time, I want to join a relation with myself first and then someone, I will find my own happiness and then give happiness to someone. He says fine, this matter will come out again, be prepared, come, result will be out. Aarohi says thank God, you didn’t say yes, else they would have got after me, what were you saying. Kairav asks them to come and see the result. Aarohi checks the result. She tops and smiles. Everyone claps for her. Aarohi says I have topped in Rajasthan. They say congrats, state topper. Everyone hugs and dances. Akshu says you made a new record in medical history, that’s amazing. Aarohi checks the result again. Everyone asks what happened. Aarohi says I have not created history, I topped it this year, someone broke the record last time. Dadi says its fine. Aarohi says I m not number one. She says Akshu knew it before, that’s why she told this intentionally. Akshu says I didn’t know, I can’t hurt you even in my dream. Aarohi says you can’t tolerate my happiness. Aarohi argues.

Manish calls it enough. Aarohi cries and goes. Akshu thinks this happened because of Abhimanyu Birla, I didn’t want any problem between us. Abhimanyu is seen riding a bike. He gets his dad Harshvardhan’s call. Aarohi and Akshu argue. Akshu says everyone loves you. Aarohi says I couldn’t make my mum number one, so I want to be number one, I m hurt by your fake love. Akshu cries and says I was so excited to meet you. Aarohi says you snatched my mum from me, you always freshen my wounds like today. She goes. Akshu feels shortness of breath. She takes a deep breath. She sings O Kanha…. Abhimanyu stops the bike when his mum calls him. He says you call me when I race the bike, don’t worry, I will drive safe, Sir has grown up, but still backbite about me. She says he is waiting for you, doctor has to reach on time. He says I know, I always reached when the patient needed me, ask Sir not to do tandav. She says drive slow, you don’t listen when I talk about marriage. He says I don’t believe in marriage, some pretend happy and some are sad, I will meet at home. She says your marriage will have happiness and love also, you will soon meet a girl who will change your thinking and life. Abhimanyu stops there hearing Akshu’s song.

Abhimanyu gets Akshu’s anklet. Akshu goes. Aarohi says he is Abhimanyu, he is hot, I have to meet him once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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