Bhagya Lakshmi 16th April 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Paro saying that she thought to meet Dad when she goes to City for stay there, and then she will ask him to search Dad for him. She thinks she shall not let Maa know that she is sad, else she will go to City for me, and then she will herself be sad. She thinks she will not see her maa sad and asks herself to smile. She smiles. Rishi waits for vice principal’s call. Ayush says it must be big decision for Lakshmi teacher and Paro, and give them time to decide. Rishi says it will be life changing and life saving situation for them. Vice Principal calls Lakshmi. Paro picks the call and greets him.

The Vice Principal asks if she came to know that she has won the prize and scholarship also, and tells that their stay arrangement will be taken care of. Paro says she wants to study in village and don’t want to come to City. She says she just wants the prize. He asks her to give call to her mother. Paro says she is busy and ends the call. Lakshmi hears her and asks Paro why she said that she is busy. Paro says he would have tried to convinced you and then if she goes to city then she would be sad. She says the matter is over.

Vice principal calls Rishi and tells that Paro talked to him and refused to come to the City. Rishi asks him to call her again. Vice Principal says she has decided and he ends the call. Ayush tells Rishi that it is their decision, may be they have something better for them. Rohan thinks to talk to Lakshmi. Malishka gives her phone and takes it back on learning that he wants to talk to teacher. She says she will message teacher to give the time when she is free. Lakshmi asks Paro to give something to Simmy Aunty. Paro goes. Shalu asks her to be careful. Lakshmi asks do you see the change in paro. She says she has taken the decision and says they will be going to the City. Shalu says just now we had a talked and decided that we will not go to City. Lakshmi says Paro had heard us talking, that’s why she refused to go to the City.

Malishka offers to draw with Rohan and thinks nobody can snatch her son and Rishi from her. She thinks Paro traps Rishi while Lakshmi is trapping Rohan. She hugs Rohan. Lakshmi tells Shalu that when Paro is thinking about my happiness. Shalu says you will get pain there and will remember your past. Lakshmi says she remembers it even here. Shalu says if they come infront of you. Lakshmi says I will turn my face. She says I know that you care for me and saying this. She says I want to take decision for Paro’s happiness. She asks if I don’t have the right to decide about paro and asks her to agree. She says Paro is the part of me, but you are part of my identity. She asks her to help her. Shalu agrees to go to City for Paro’s happiness and asks Lakshmi to promise that she will not be sad and pain. Paro comes there. lakshmi asks if she wants to go to City. Paro says no. Lakshmi says we are going tomorrow. Paro gets happy and says she don’t want to go.

Malishka comes to Neelam and tells that if Rishi leaves me again for Paro or her mother. Lakshmi tells that they are going tomorrow. Paro asks her not to tease her. lakshmi says we are going and asks her to manage herself. Paro gets happy knowing they are going. She asks if you will get sad there. Neelam tells Malishka that she will not let any Lakshmi snatch Rishi from them..

Paro asks if she will be sad. Lakshmi says she will not be sad. She says if I go to City then I will miss the village, but they will be habitual to stay there. She says when we all stay together then City or village, it doesn’t matter. Paro says you are best. Shalu asks if I am not best. Paro says you are also the best. Shalu prays for them.

Rishi thinks to talk to Lakshmi teacher. Malishka calls Rishi and asks if he is in the office. He says he is in the office and asks her not to wait for him, as he will have food outside. He ends the call. He is about to message Lakshmi, when he gets message from Lakshmi thanking him for offering scholarship to Paro. Rishi asks her to reconsider the decision and tells that Paro deserves the scholarship. Lakshmi says they have decided.

Rohan comes to Malishka and asks about Rishi. Malishka says he will come late and that’s why we shall have food. Rishi and Lakshmi exchange the messages. He finds that they are coming and gets happy. Lakshmi writes that they are coming tomorrow. Rishi gets happy and thanks God. He says you are welcome. Lakshmi says she has messaged him to ask about the accommodation. He asks her to reach school and do the formalities, and tells that he will get a house for her stay, and says accommodation is covered under the scholarship. Lakshmi thanks him and says good night. Rishi thinks all nights and days will be good, as his daughter paro is coming to him.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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