Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

Gurpreet also praises Palki for making such delicious fritters, she even says that anyone who eats the dishes made by Palki are not able to forget it. Rajveer thinks he has to stay with them in order to protect his mother, as they say that one should remain close to their enemies if they have to find out the truth. Rajveer remembers how Nidhi was asking about his mother, he thinks he felt that her intentions were not good so he would never let her find out about his mother.

Nidhi is very tensed in the room so asks her friend Arohi to call a Pandit since this is the only solution to her problem, Arohi asks if Nidhi really thinks that a Pandit can provide the solution to her problem. Nidhi asks how can he not solve her problem when everyone calls a Pandit, Arohi asks what has happened to her since she used to not believe in these sort of things, Nidhi agrees when Arohi says there is no need to call a pandit, saying that she has become just like the Luthra ladies. Arohi explains how one can get scared but Nidhi replies she is not scared, she explains how she is feeling that Preeta is secretly keeping an eye on her. Nidhi says then Preeta should reveal herself so everything would be explained. Arohi asks if this is why Nidhi called her here so she can be calm. Nidhi mentions that another problem has arrived in this house and her name is Kavya, Arohi explains Nidhi does nt have any problem with her when Nidhi says but there is no bonding and someone would surely tell Kavya that they have seen Preeta after which all of them would start searching for her. Arohi advises Nidhi to go and spend some quality time with Shauyra since she must make him so strong that the only thing which happens in this house is according to the desires of Shaurya. Nidhi smiles mentioning she knows what she has to do.

Shaurya is selecting the dresses when Rishab comes to the door asking what is he doing, Shaurya explains that he is preparing for tomorrow, Rishab informs that tomorrow the teams are going to present in front of him and so Shaurya must be present there, as even his father would be present there. Shaurya informs he has a condition when Rishab questions what sort of a condition does he have, Shaurya explains since he is the owner of the company then he will make the decisions, Rishab informs that his father only cares for him and has not any bad feeling. Rishab leaves after getting a call. Nidhi comes mentioning her son is very good looking, he informs he is going to make all the decisions of his company and one day even cross the company of his own father. Nidhi explains it will take a very long time but Shaurya must take over the company of his own father. Nidhi assures she will come to the office and guide him.

Karan is getting ready in the room when Rishab says that it has been very long since he has seen karan so happy when he says that he always remains happy but Rishab replies that people tend to even think before talking to Karan as he is always furious and would sometimes hit people but now everything has changed. Karan asks if Rishab knows why he is happy, he says that it is because the happiness and love of this family has returned meaning Kavya, Rishab says that he feels Kavya is just like Preeta je as she talks without thinking of who is standing around her, and she has a very special relation with Karan which does not seem like a normal father and daughter relation. Rishab advises Karan to smile like this thrice a week. Nidhi looks at them from the door and gets furious thinking how everyone is just talking about Kavya, she leaves exclaiming that Kavya would very soon get on her nerves. Rishab suddenly realizes something so says he will get in a very big trouble because of their mother, karan asks what has happened, Rishab replies that tomorrow he has to attend a conference but they also have a function in their house. Karan suggests Rishab must first attend the conference and then reach the function, he further says if Rishab is not able to reach on time then he will cancel the wedding. Rishab says that Karan is very clever as he is going to use his name and cancel the wedding when he himself does not want Kavya to get married, Rishab agrees that karan can do it if this is what makes him happy, he leaves suggesting Karan should smile this thrice a week.

Preeta is quickly checking if all the vegetables are present in the kitchen since tomorrow is the first day of Rajveer at the office, she even decides to make some yogurt. Preeta gets scared seeing Mohit standing at the door, he apologizes for scaring her but Preeta explains she just got scared as she did not expect him here. Mohit asks if she is making some yogurt. Preeta explains that Rajveer has got some infection in his mouth so she thought she would make some yogurt for Rajveer and then was also checking if there are vegetables. Preeta leaves when Rajveer comes asking Mohit what has happened, he says that Preeta je has the love of a mother even when she does not know the truth that she is his biological mother and he advises Rajveer to do everything but make sure his mother gets back her self respect. Rajveer thinks this is what he plans to achieve as tomorrow he is going to make sure Karan Luthra suffers for his actions and he is sure Karan would be shocked when he knows the truth.

Karan is thinking about the memories of Preeta and thinks she has given him everything and knew him but he was never able to give her the love and this is why he has no idea what relation she has with Rajveer. Karan exclaims that their daughter Kavya has returned and she is just like her mother, he thinks how he desires that he should bring her back before their daughter gets married. Karan thinks he desires that Preeta should perform the rituals of the wedding as her daughter needs her blessings, Karan gets emotional but he thinks he has to do what he has panned and if he wants to make sure Preeta returns to this house before the wedding for kavya then it will happen.

Kavya sitting in the room takes out a photo with Preeta but she thinks that she just her memories however cannot remember her face, she is sure that her mother would be like a princess however he always desires that Preeta should come back to them, she wonders why is she feeling as if Preeta is very close to her today and so she requests that she should see her mother once again. Preeta suddenly wakes up in her bed and thinks who has called her, she gets up to go and call Rajveer,he comes out asking what has happened when Preeta explains that she felt as if someone has called her Maa and there is some sort of problem. She asks him to go back to sleep, he thinks if Shaurya is in some sort of problem but thinks what could happen to him.

Karan standing in his room wonders what has he done since he snatched away the memories of a mother from his own daughter as he got so furious that Preeta left him that he destroyed all of her photos, he thinks he will make sue that Preeta comes back to this house.

Preeta sitting on his bed wonders why is she feeling that someone very close to her is in tremendous pain, she prays that the one who is hurt and tensed must find peace and get whatever they are thinking about, Karan is very worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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