Imlie 16th April : Imlie Blamed for Hurting Surya !

Imlie washes clothes. Hemalatha asks if she shall help. Imlie says she will manage. Nirmala asks Malti to bring Surya’s washed clothes, hides Imlie’s photos in them, and then asks Imlie to wash Surya’s some more clothes. Imlie agrees and picks clothes to soak them in a detergent water. Imlie’s photos fall down. Nirmala picks them and says Surya started loving Imlie, so he is keeping her pics in his pocket; Surya came home drunk yesterday thinking of romancing his wife, a man can’t hide his feelings for long, after all Imlie is okay looking if not pretty, Surya will ask his right from his wife for sure. Imlie fumes hearing her conversation.

Surya gets Anjali’s çall and asks her what did she mix in his juice yesterday. Anjali gets nervous. Surya says he fell down from the window and broke his hand after having spiked juice. Anjali gets concerned and asks if he is in a hospital now. He says he is at home now. She says she is coming there and disconnects call while he asks her not to. Hemalatha asks Imlie not to bother about Nirmala’s words as she was just joking. Imlie says Nirmala told Surya will seek his right. Hemalatha asks her not worry about that. Surya passes by trying to contact Anjali, slips and holds’s Imlie’s waist. Imlie recalls Nirmala’s words and slaps Surya warning him to dare not touch her as nothing can happen between them. Arjun watches that and feels sorry for Surya.

Imlie sits crying in a corner recalling Surya having her photo and touching her inappropriately while Surya feels sad recalling her slapping him. Dil Hai Yaar Ghum Ki Rajdhani.. song plays in the background. Anjali reaches him with pasta and asks him to have it and get well soon. Surya asks why did she come here after warning her not to. Angali says she is worried for him. Surya says he has a family to take care of him, so she shouldn’t come here. Anjali says she will go if he says that Imlie takes care of him more than her, she knows that he jumped from window because of Imlie and she doesn’t even respect him. Surya says he doesn’t need any respect and asks her to leave him alone. Anjali leaves.

Imlie cuts her finger while cutting vegetables and washes it. Arjun walks in and says she made a mistake and cut her finger. Imlie asks what? Arjun says he made her as his bro when he returned home just because Surya married her; she is doing really wrong to Surya; Surya fights for family and against injustice; everyone are afraid of Surya except ladies as they feel safe around him; he feels ashamed to call her as his bro. Imlie says he doesn’t know what Surya did. Arjun says he was there itself and saw everything, even yesterday he had asked Surya to take food for Imlie as she was hungry whole day and Imlie accused Surya of wrongly touching her; she really did a mistake by suspecting Surya’s character and slapping him.

Imlie feels guilty. She walks to Surya and seeing him searching for something says she will help. He ignores her, calls Arjun, and asks him to pack his clothes as he wants to say in Arjun’s room for a few days. Arjun packs his clothes. Imlie asks Surya why didn’t he inform her that he had entered room to give her food. He says he had informed her thrice. She asks why didn’t he inform her that he had slipped today and touched her by mistake.

He says she wouldn’t believe at any cost. Imlie says she slapped him, so he can slap her back. Surya says she called in a police goon and said she is unsafe in his presence. Indira calls Surya says they got a Ram navami celebration invitation from Bhosale institute, so she wants him and Imlie to go. Nirmala says Imlie will not go with Surya as she feels unsafe with him. Indira says she can’t kick Imlie out of the house, so she will accompany with Surya.

Precap: Imlie and Savi announce that Savi and Ishaan will be enacting Ram and Seeta this Ram Navami, will they unite or a Ravan will set a trap to separate them.

Update Credit to: MA

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