Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th April:

Chinmay rejects Yashwant’s call. Surekha asks Yashwant to redial again. Chinmay grins, picks his call, and says he proved that magician’s life is stuck in a parrot. Yashwant shouts how dare he is to beat Ishaan. Chinmay says he is worried for his nephew and not his son. Surekha asks him to speak to her. Chinmay asks her to stop her drama as he sent a letter on her wedding anniversary which she surely wouldn’t have noticed. Surekha asks him to return home. Chinmay says he will return if Yashwant transfer his land in his name. Yashwant refuses. Chinmay says his grandfather transferred that land in his name, Yashwant is just a caretaker, he will sell it at any cost.

Yashwant says he will never let him do that and asks him to get out of Pune. Surekha pleads him to let Chinmay come home. Yashwant warns her to shut up and tells Chinmay that he would rather donate the land than letting him sell it. Chinmay challenges him that he will stay back in Pune and tarnish Yashwant’s image until he permits him to sell the land. Yashwant disconnects call. Surekha cries that Chinmay is their only son. Yashwant says they gave birth to a rogue son and have to bear it’s punishment for their whole lives. Surekha breaks down.

At night, Savi removes gudi padwa decoration. Shikha silently enters the house hiding her face with a shawl. A vase falls down. Savi thinks it must be a cat, then catches her, and asks to silently turn back and show the face. Shikha shows her face. Savi is shocked to see Shikha and asks why is she getting into the house hiding, why she had gone out, she even saw her visiting a hotel yesterday.

Ishaan tells Reeva that he is shocked with Chinmay’s behaviour, since when he is in Pune, why he misbehaved with him, etc. Savi makes Shikha sit and asks her to speak now. Shikha says she had gone to meet Chinmay who wants divorce from her and she went to convince him not to divorce her; Chinmay never valued any relationship, but she is follow her duty as a DIL and wife since day 1 and it’s her identity, etc.

Reeva suggests Ishaan to take Surekha along when he visits Chinmay next time, he may soften seeing his mother. Shikha asks Savi what would she do if she was in her situation. Savi recalls Harini telling her that Ishaan followed his duty diligently since marriage, Ishaan’s concern for her, etc. She asks Shikha to forget about her and asks what she wants. Shikha says she doesn’t know what is the problem between Yashwant and Chinmay, Chinmay has given her an ultimatum till tomorrow morning to sign divorce papers, but she doesn’t want to divorce him and don’t know how to avoid this situation. Savi says they shall bring Chinmay home to know his problem. Shikha says he will not come. Savi says she knows how to get him home.

Precap: No precap today.

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