Shiv Shakti 6th February 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode commences with Vakrasur deciding to test the boon granted by Shiv. He attempts to touch Shiv’s head, but Kartikeya intervenes, grabbing Vakrasur’s hand and reprimanding him. He refers to Shiv as his father, which stirs emotions in Shiv, reminding him of the first time he touched Kartikeya’s finger. This brings smiles to the faces of Parvati and the Devas.

Vakrasur demands Kartikeya to release his hand. Shiv questions Vakrasur if he was trying to use the boon against him. Vakrasur admits his intention to kill Shiv by touching his head and expresses his desire to marry Parvati afterward. This enrages Shiv and Parvati. Vakrasur then declares his plan to kill Kartikeya first. As he advances towards Kartikeya, Shiv steps in between them and instructs Kartikeya to return to Kailash.

After Kartikeya departs, Narad arrives and commends Kartikeya for standing up to Vakrasur to protect Shiv. He explains that Shiv had Kartikeya battle Padupola to safeguard him. He adds that people would have criticized Kartikeya if he had usurped the throne of Indralok from Devraj Indra.

Vakrasur resumes his pursuit of Shiv. Brahmdev remarks on Vakrasur’s determination to kill Shiv. Narayan assures that Shiv will find a solution to this predicament. Vakrasur mocks Shiv for fleeing from him, despite being the most powerful being in the universe. He challenges Shiv to stop running and predicts that everyone will remember Shiv’s flight from him.

In Asurlok, Shankchur laughs at Shiv’s attempt to save his life and tells Shukracharya that Shiv fears death. Shumbh arrives with his brothers and declares their readiness to become commanders without resorting to violence. Shankchur, pleased with their timing, orders them to assist Vakrasur in killing Shiv. Shumbh and Nishumbh depart to fulfill this task.

Kartikeya questions why Shiv is running away instead of using his power. Narayan explains that since Shiv granted the boon to Vakrasur, he cannot use his power against him and will not stoop to Vakrasur’s level. Goddess Saraswati wonders how long Shiv will continue to run. Narayan advises her to observe closely, stating that Shiv is making Vakrasur chase him and will end the game when he chooses.

Vakrasur continues to chase Shiv. Shumbh and Nishumbh arrive and create a shield using their power before leaving. Kartikeya worries about how Shiv will escape from the shield without using his power and what would happen if Vakrasur touches Shiv’s head. Goddess Lakshmi also expresses concern about Shiv’s escape. Shiv notices the shield, bringing a smile to Vakrasur’s face.

In the next episode, Vakrasur challenges Shiv to a dance-off.

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