Shiv Shakti 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Shani saying he proved thhat he is superior than Shiv. Narad says he did a big sin and asks him to remove sadesathi/vakra dristi from Shiv or these there would be a disaster in the universe. Shani says gods should look after that. Narayan says even Shani is a god. Shani orders Shiv to confront Narayan for speaking loud to him. Shiv warns Narayan that he can’t speak loud to Shani. Shani says no god can even touch him. Devi Adi Shakti walks towards him saying it’s his misunderstanding, she will Shani today at any cost.

Shani orders Shiv to protect him. Shiv nods okay and stands in front of Shani to protect him. Adi Shakti is shocked to see that. Narad says Shani did wrong by bringing Shiv and Shakti opposite to each other. Adi Shaki asks Shiv to move aside as Shani should be punished. Shiv asks her to return back as she can’t punish Shani. Shani tells Narayan that now his sadesathi will be on Shiv or 7.5 years and Shiv will protect him from Adi shaki till then, by then he would have established his control over the universe. He says he will leave now.

Narayan asks him to wait and watch how Adi Shakti removes her love from Shani’s sadesathi. Adi Shakti smilingly looks into Mahadev’s eyes and asks him if he will not bring berries for her. Sadesathi clears from Shiv. Adi Shakti holds Shiv’s hand and reminds him he had got berries for her and fed her from his hands. Shiv recalls the event. Adi Shakti asks him to bring berries for her. Shiv says for sure and walks away. Shani orders Mahadev to stop and protect him from Adi Shakti, but Mahadev ignores him and walks away.

Shani dev is shocked and says it’s impossible. Narayan says it’s possible, Shiv and Shakti’s love is forever till the universe lasts, it’s Shani’s turn to save himself from Adi Shakti. Shani afraid of Adi Shakti pleads her to stop and if she kills him, universal balance will be destroyed. Adi Shakti says she can’t kill her but will punish him and make sure his effect is destroyed from the universe. She enlarges herself. Shani questions Narayan if he deserves punishment for using his powers, the universe will not trust gods again.

Precap: Diti tells Shani that it’s a best chance to get immortality from Mahadev.
Shani asks to pray Mahadev, he will get immortality from Mahadev. Mahadev gets restless hearing a devotee calling him. Narayan stops him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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