Imlie : Agastya Turns Secret Protector ; Sonali’s Reality Check to Vishwa !

Agastya tells Imlie that when his Daadi maa is fighting for her life, Imlie is worried only about herself. Imlie asks what does he mean. Agastya asks her to get out of his house. Imlie is shocked and says a person can be at one place at one time, she was a fool that he is with her, but he is with his past, etc. She walks to Ashu and says let’s go from here. Rajni asks where is she taking him. Imlie says to his house. Rajni says he is Danraj’s son, so this is his house. Afraid Ashu hugs Imlie.

Sonali with Amar wlaks to Vishwa’s room. Vishwa packs his clothes and says Avinash wants him to go from here, so he is going. Sonali shows him masked killer’s locket and says he has seen it in CCTV footage. Vishwa says yes. Sonali says it had 2 negatives inside it and when she got it developed from the same studio it was clicked, she got these 2 photos. Vishwa is shocked to see Avinash and his childhood photos. Sonali says his father had set fire in the factory and he is the culprit. Avinash hears that and says it can’t be true. Constable calls Vishwa and informs him that Dolly is awake now.

Imlie asks Ashu not to be afraid of his daadi and sends him with Bulbul. She tells Rajni that she saw Chaudhry family’s love for Ashu and wanted a loving family for him, she never taught him hatred towards his family. Rajni asks why is she taking him away from them then. Imlie says she will bring him back whenever their hatred towards Kairi ends. She takes Ashu from there.

Vishwa with Sonali, Avinash, and Amar reaches hospital and tells Sonali that she is wrongly alleging her father. They meet Dolly and ask if she saw killer’s face. She says yes and it’s Bhola who stays in the village. Amar asks the one whose half face is burnt. Dolly says yes. Sonali asks who is Bhola. Amar says Bhola was 8 years old when the factory blast happened and he lost his father in it, he is sure Bhola can’t do anything by himself and is acting on someone’s order. Vishwa says it means someone else set the fire during factory blast, they need to catch Bhola and he is sure Bhola will come to kill Dolly. Bhola walks to Navya. Navya scolds him for reaching her without her permission.

Agastya hires a bodyguard to spy on Imlie and protect her and orders him to be around her till the killer is caught. Daadi hears that and says Imlie is not ready to accept that Dhanraj died because of her sister, she is exactly like her sister and Agastya is like Dhanraj. She tries to emotionally blackmail him and tries to convince him to marry someone else than Imlie. Agastya excuses himself and walks away from there.

Imlie reaches bar and seeks a job again. Boss asks if she is in need of money again that she wants to sing again. Imlie says yes. A customer says let us see if Imlie can sing again. Imlie sings Seesha Ho Ya Dil Yo.. song. She imagines Agastya around him. Customer character assassinates her and she gives him a befitting reply.

Daadi calls Agastya, gives him photos, and asks him to select one of the girl for marriage. Shivani says bhaiya can’t forget Imlie bhabhi. Daadi says she wants to block Imlie’s return into this house at any cost. Imlie continues to tongue lash customer. Customer says Agastya had a fake marriage with her because of this nature, she will get into senses when Agastya will marry a good family girl.

Precap: Chaudhrys perform Agastya’s last rites. Daadi blames Imlie. Imlie questions Agastya how can he leave her alone and cries.

Update Credit to: MA

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