Anupamaa : Anupama Refuses to Speak to Anuj !

Shruti asks Anupama to decide and supervise beverages, starters, main course and deserts in the marriage. She says you have to decide and organize everything. Anupama says congrats to you both. Anuj thanks her. Anupama says new relations shall be long. Shruti gets a call and tells that she got call from studio, there is some technical glitch, so she has to leave. She asks Anuj to sit and says she will see him at home. She goes. Anuj calls Anupama as she turns to go to kitchen. Aadhya thinks to ask Shruti’s parents to prepone the wedding. Anuj says I want to talk to you, Anu. Anupama says I don’t want to talk to you. He holds her pallu and says please. Anupama says I don’t want to talk to you. Anuj holds her hand and says I want answers to my questions, which only you can give. She says you have moved on in your life and I am trying to move on in my life. She says this is my work place. Anuj says I am waiting for 5 years to get my answers and says please, answer me. Yashdeep holds his hand and says you can’t trouble my employee. Anupama goes from there to the kitchen and cries. Anuj hears her crying. Song plays….kabhi alvida na kehna….He keeps his hand on the kitchen glass. He wears his googles and goes out. He turns and sees Anupama crying standing in the kitchen. Yashdeep knocks on the door and signs her that he is gone. Anuj looks at her from outside and says this is not right, you have to give me the right to ask you question else I will die. Anupama gets back to work. Anuj goes. She sees him leaving.

Pakhi talks to the lawyer and asks him to make strong case against Adhik, so that he gets shaken up with court case name. She says she doesn’t care for the right and wrong, and says she just wants to win this case. Baa asks Pakhi to stop the attack and tells that if mother is tigress then the wounded father is the lion. Adhik hears them from outside. He gets a call from someone who tells about Pakhi wanting to file the case. Pakhi tells that she will not give Ishani to him. baa asks her to do out of court settlement and says your case is weak. She says if Ishani tells in court that she wants to live with Adhik, then your case is over. She tells that the way you threaten and scare her, she will refuse to stay with me. Pakhi says Baa, why you are saying this? Vanraj says Baa is right, and tells that the child does what he/she wants, even if he/she is threatened. She says you both could be good parents for Ishani. Vanraj says you can do this for Ishani atleast. Babu ji says yes. Pakhi refuses to do sorry, patch up or settlement and says I am sorry for expecting something from you. She thanks them for telling her that they are on Adhik’s side. She goes. Baa tells Vanraj that this is happening due to him. Babu ji asks Vanraj to call Adhik and talk to him. Adhik says he couldn’t hear, but understood that Pakhi’s ego is hurt and says he will reply her strongly. Vanraj says he will talk to Adhik. Adhik says court will decide now.

Anupama thinks of Anuj’s words and says I don’t want to get entangled in relations. She tries t pack her clothes. Yashdeep says you can’t run away from your relations, and says sorry for crossing the boundary, and asks if she is running away from Anuj Kapadia. Anupama says she wants to go far from him.

Shruti tells Aadhya that Anuj and Joshi behen met and she asked her to do catering for my marriage. She says I didn’t know that Joshi behen will become my good friend in such short time. Aadhya asks what she said, if she will come for your marriage. Shruti says yes, ofcourse. She says Joshi behen is unwell, and that’s why they are not participating in the event, but she will do catering for my marriage. She says she was worried for her, but after talking to Yashdeep, she is relieved and says she is lucky to have employer like yashdeep.

Yashdeep asks Anupama if it was your decision to end the relations and start afresh. He asks why? Anupama says she didn’t want him to bear her burden and says he gave me everything, friendship, love and respect and I gave him pain and trouble and she has broken his hopes. She says she loved him so much and couldn’t see his pain. She says once she came to know that he was very sad and was not happy with him. He asks if he is happy now.

Aadhya asks Anuj if he is happy to meet her, and says she is sure that he is happy. She says I asked you not to meet her and asked her to leave, but nobody heard her. Anuj asks when did you ask Anupama to leave. Aadhya says yesterday, and tells that she went to her rather than going to school. Anuj asks what did you tell her? Aadhya says you care for her rather than your daughter. He asks what did you say? Aadhya says that we are happy without her and she has no place in our lives, and that you are marrying Shruti and I am very happy. Anuj asks why did you tell her this? Aadhya says I hate her and now hates her even more and wishes that she goes away from our lives. Anuj gets upset. Anupama says Shruti is good and will keep Anuj happy. He asks why you are running away then?

Precap: Anupama asks Yashdeep if I am doing right. Yashdeep says he can’t tell. Anuj tells Shruti that he has an important meeting. Shruti asks him to go. Anuj comes to meet Anupama and looks at the mogra flowers.

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