Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Naveli hugs Mona and says thanks for helping us mom. We will defeat Mira and Yug. Mona says we will.
Dai maa does practice with Agastya. He says please do rehearsal. Pakhi comes there. Something goes in her eyes. Agaastya cleans her eye. Mohit says Mira called a number 4 times. It’s in this city near the tower. Agastya says that means Pakhi’s parents could be around. Get footage around that area. Mohit asks what will happen once she’s punished? Pakhi says what do you mean? He says jeju and you.. She says I’ve to leave. Agastya ties a thread on Pakhi’s wrist and says this will protect you. We will win for sure.

Scene 2
Mira is on her way. Pandit ji says only you and that woman should be in the hall. Mira says Yug you go to Pakhi’s old house. Naveli waits for Pakhi. Yug comes and says pack your bags. We will all stay at Pakhi’s place. Mona says why? He says there’s pooja in this house. You all have to leave. Agastya gives bluetooth to dai maa to keep reminding her of dialogues. He gives her trishul and says this game will end. Pakhi says to Yug a pooja won’t clean your sins. Mona says Yug you’re my nephew. You can do whatever you want to them. Please leave Naveli and me. I want to tell you a truth.. Naveli says you can never change mom. Mona says I am doing all this to save you. Shanaya says she was in danger because of you. our parents are in danger because of you. Mona says don’t you misbehave with me. Dadi stops them. Pakhi says stop it Shanaya. Shanaya says she’s not even on our side. SHe always shakes hand with Mira. Mona says I am not an idiot like you all. Yug says I leaving. Keep fighting. My head hurts. He leaves. They all laugh and say our plan worked. Dadi asks what’s going on. Pakhi says to dadi evil will end today. Dadi says she’s very dangerous. Pakhi says I just need your blessings. I will fix everything. I will bring your smile back. dadi says I can’t smile Agaastya is gone. Pakhi says your happiness will come back. Shanaya says to Pakhi you can go from back door.

Scene 3
The pooja starts. Kali devi comes. Mira says please help me get rid of Agastya. Dai maa says sit in this circle. Dai maa asks her to sit on a spot. Mira says please bless me. Pakhi and Agastya see their video and laugh. Dai maa says this ghost will come out. She throws sand in the fire. Mira is scared. Mira hears Agastya saying I will take Mira will be. Pakhi says she’s so scared. Dai maa forgets the dialogues. Pakhi asks Agastya to go.

Yug realizes there was a bad door in Pakhi’s house. He goes back in. Mira screams. She says maa ji he’s around. Please save me. Dai maa says calm down. Lights spark. Mira screams. Things float around. Agastya enters the house.

Episode ends



Update Credit to: Atiba

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