Teri Meri Doriyaann : Angad Furious on Sahiba !

Angad tongue lashes Sahiba for meeting Mannat against his warning. Seerat says Sahiba always opposite to what Angad says. Sahiba says she went to meet Mannat for Angad’s sake. Mannat tells Angad that Sahiba is conspiring against her and wants her make her believe that he is Angad and not Sunny, but they will not fall in Sahiba’s trap. Sahiba says she didn’t lay any trap and just spoke truth. Yash tells Mannat that he was present when Sahiba came to meet her, Sahiba didn’t say anything wrong, he knows Angad since his childhood and he is not Sunny. Mannat says she thought he is her friend, but he is also lying. Brars ask Parth to take his sister from there.

Inder tells Mannat that maybe someone looking like Angad betrayed her, but Angad is different. Gurleen says Angad married Sahiba in in a holy temple, he is not Sunny. Hansraj asks Parth to take his sister from there and search for Sunny somewhere else. Mannat continues to pester Angad. Angad holds her hand, drags her towards her car, and asks her to leave from there. Mannat collapses. Brars take her in, and doctor treats her. Japjot says so much happened and nobody informed her about it. Manveer in her usual rudest tone blames Sahiba as usual. Doctor informs that Mannat is in shock with increased heart beat and BP and needs rest.

Parth tells Brars that he told them that his sister is not insane. Brars ask why don’t he search for Sunny somewhere else. Parth says he searched for Sunny wherever he could, but couldn’t find him. He asks Mannat to wake up and rest in Yash’s house. Doctor asks him not to disturb her and let her rest. Yash says he will go now. Jasleen accompanies him. Angad asks maids to shift Mannat and Parth to guest room and make sure they don’t face any problems.

Angad then confronts Sahiba and asks when he told her not to interfere in his diamond and Sunny Sood issue, then why did she interfere. Manveer says Sahiba is habituated to that. Inder asks Sahiba why didn’t she inform Angad about her visit to Mannat. Prabjot yells at Sahiba that she says something and does something else and gets them into trouble, she should spare them now. Manveer says Sahiba provoked Mannat’s doubt that Angad is Sunny. Angad asks Sahiba why did she meet Mannat. Sahiba says she can’t see Angad tensed and hence wanted to clear the issue. Manveer asks why did she hide it and didn’t inform even Angad, Brar family bahu went to meet an outsider and others know about it and not Brars, Sahiba is determined to defame Brar family.

Sahiba tells Angad that if she would have gotten Sunny’s information, she would have informed him first, but she couldn’t get any information from Mannat. Angad says if she is a detective, and when his hired detectives couldn’t find any information, how will she. Sahiba says she thought he is not interested in investigating this issue. Angad says why would he sit quiet, she shouldn’t have done that. Japjot says their family is going through a rough phase, did she inform Yash and Mannat that the diamond was fake and they are under financial burden. Sahiba says why would she reveal their family’s issues to them. She tells Angad that she is his life partner and is worried for him, so he was trying to help him.

Angad asks her to help him by staying away from this issue and protecting herself from any danger; he strongly stressed her to stay away, but she doesn’t listen to him and disappointed him. Sahiba asks him to listen to her once. Angad says he doesn’t want to talk and asks her to leave him alone. Seerat grins hearing that. Jasleen tells Yash that she has asked maid Sukhdeep to bring Mannat’s medicines. Sukhdeep brings medicines. Jasleen asks her to give it to Parth. Yash tells her that he didn’t know Mannat loves Sunny so deeply. Jasleen says love is unpredictable, she proposed him and he didn’t reply. Yash says he is ready for that. Jasleen feels happy and says if all this issue wasn’t going around, she would talked about them to her father. Yash says once all this issue is sorted out, they both will discuss about it to her parents. She hugs him.

Angad gets into his car and drives away while Sahiba tries to talk to him. Sahiba recalls his warning but calls him repeatedly, but he doesn’t pick her call.

Precap: Mannat calls Sahiba and says she was eager to meet Sunny, she can come here and meet Sunny. Sahiba reaches Mannat without informing Angad and is shocked to see Angad’s doppelganger Sunny.

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