Titli : Titli Tells Megha to Leave the House !

The Episode starts with Megha arguing with Titli. Titli says I m not changing Garv, but bad habits, but you are supporting those habits, no, you can’t help Garv. Garv looks at them. Titli says sorry Garv, I made you meet a wrong doctor, I didn’t know her thinking is such. Megha asks what would be your thinking if your husband wasn’t Garv but a spineless and coward man like my dad. She defends Garv’s anger and says he has a right to get angry if he protects you, he owns you, answer me. She starts crying. Chintu comes home. He says mum and dad sent these gifts for Ganpati. Dhrishti says I will take this, give me that box too. He says no, its for someone special. She goes. He stops Dhara and says I don’t know what mistake I did, I m sorry. He does sit ups. He says I need your help, I need to talk something imp. He shows her the ring and says surprised? She smiles and takes the ring. She says I liked it a lot. He asks will she like it, you know Dhrishti’s choice, I thought to ask you, I m going to propose Dhrishti, I hope she says yes. Titli gives water to Megha and says calm down. Titli says sorry, who had to bear so much, can you answer me before I answer you, do you really think your dad would have been good if he had beaten your mum, would it be your happy family.

She explains Megha that a man is incomplete without a woman, a woman can do anything. She says Koel has kept this family united, she is a woman, she never got respect but she loves everyone equally. Megha says its about perception. Titli says right, you are lucky, you fought all the pain and became a doctor, you can feel people’s pain, its your strength, Garv’s anger isn’t his strength, his love is his strength, he has to defeat his anger for the sake of his family. She says Garv, you have to do what you did today. Garv nods and promises to help people. Koel calls him. He says we will go and have food, come. He goes. Titli says I know wrong happened with you, Megha, Garv understood it so easily, you didn’t understand it, being a doctor, sorry, I don’t want any risk with his treatment, you aren’t his doctor now, I will find some other therapist for him, you can stay here till Visarjan, then leave, don’t mind, our friendship will not get affected. She goes. Megha gets angry and says some men make promises to break it, Garv will raise hand to hit someone.

Chintu shows the decorations and thinks is it looking good. Dhara says it will be a problem if anyone sees it. He says Dhrishti likes everything grand, its all perfect, right. She says yes. Garv goes to help Titli. They get into a moment. Koel comes and sees them. She smiles. He gets away. Koel says I came to take sweets. She jokes and goes.

Garv goes and buys a Gajra. He says my wife wants a gajra. The man says you love your wife a lot. Garv says yes. Megha hires some goons. She says now Garv will break the promise. Garv says I m coming in 5mins, I came to get Gajra. A goon collides with him. Garv says sorry. Another goon collides and provokes him. Garv says sorry. Goons stop him. Garv apologizes politely. Goon says we will not leave you now. Titli hears them on call. She asks are you fine, Garv. Megha says its impossible for Garv to change. Garv gets angry. He goes to punch the goon. He stops himself. He scolds the goon. The goon throws the gajra. Titli asks Garv what happened.

Titli says Megha, my family isn’t perfect, we don’t need anyone to solve our problems, you can go. Megha says I won’t go, I will stay here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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