Barsatein 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jagruti saying I m not able to crack this case. Pooja says kidnapper doesn’t want money, the motive is something big. Jagruti says Nita is right, this happened because of Reyansh. Vikram says you think he can do this, he can do anything to save Aradhna. She says he is working on a big case, I m sure he did mumma’s accident. He asks have you gone mad, he saved Bhakti that day. She asks why is this happening with me. Pooja says no use to fight, we should think and find Aradhna.

Pooja hugs Jagruti and says calm down, we will find Aradhna. Vikram gets shocked seeing a trunk with blood stains. He shouts and calls Pooja. They get a threatening note inside. Jagruti says its serious, we have to call Reyansh right now, he always does wrong cases. The lady threatens Aradhna. He says I have to make you suffer, Aaradhna, don’t try to act smart, I will shoot you. Nita checks Bhakti. She says how did her fever get fine. Varun and Akash come and laugh seeing her.

She says I wish to kill Bhakti. Akash says you got Aradhna kidnapped, right. Nita says no, I think boss did this, Reyansh goes mad if anything happens to Aradhna, he can go to any extent, maybe he stops the drug scam news. Bhakti hears them and reacts. Nita says Reyansh’s world will get ruined, he will save Aradhna. Varun says if kidnapping doesn’t work, then we will do hit and run. Akash asks have you lost it. Nita asks Varun to delete the video. Varun says mom has become Raavan, done. He goes. Akash says I m going for a walk. Nita asks why, stay here and keeps an eye on Bhakti. She gets a call. Jagruti comes and says thanks uncle, I had to go to other medical for one medicine. Akash says its okay, I m always happy to help. He goes.

Jagruti sits talking to Bhakti. Bhakti writes something on a paper. Jagruti asks did you wake up. She checks the paper. She says why did she write Boss. She gets Vikram’s call. Vikram says come to office, we are going to negotiate with the kidnappers. She says I m coming. She leaves. Reyansh is shocked seeing the letter. Vikram says you have to say you are ready to do anything, don’t let Aradhna get hurt. Reyansh says I won’t let anything happen to her, if we fulfill the demand, what’s the guarantee that he won’t do anything to Aradhna, I know its Jai. Vikram says stop this drama. He gets a call from private number. The lady threatens him. She says Aradhna is trapped here, she can die anytime.

Reyansh says I won’t leave you if anything happens to Aradhna. The lady says you think we are stupid, if you love this girl and want to save her life, then drop the news. Reyansh says don’t do anything to her, I love her a lot, I will drop the news. Aradhna thinks Reyansh loves me, it means he isn’t involved. He calls and says stop the drug case investigation. He says done, I did as you said. The call drops. Kadambari and everyone worry. The lady says you troubled me a lot, I will teach you a lesson, you see her death scene, don’t mess with us. Reyansh says no, don’t do this. The lady shoots Aradhna. Reyansh shouts Aradhna…. He drops the phone and cries. Kadambari shouts. They all cry.

Reyansh cries. Bhakti gets restless. Bani says I will expose you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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