Chand Jalne Laga 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Tara checks the dress and thinks if it has something. Ananya comes to Tara. Tara tells her that the dress is not fitting her and that’s why Mamma asked her to wear last Diwali’s clothes. She says what her fans will say, they will troll her for wearing old clothes. Tara asks her to wear her clothes and says she doesn’t have followers who will troll her. Tara thanks and hugs her. Sartaj asks Soni what is the plan? Soni says we will call Tara and Balraj to do the puja. Just then they see Tara coming downstairs seeing some other saree.

Soni asks Tara why she didn’t wear saree given by her. Tara says as Ananya’s dress was not fitting, she gave her saree to her. Soni and Sartaj get shocked. Soni asks where is Ananya? Tara says she is burning crackers outside. Soni runs out. Farwari and Deva are on the way. Farwari tells him that today she will get her soulmate. He says he already got and says Badshah. Farwari looks upset.

Ananya tries to burn crackers and lights the match stick. The match stick falls down while Raunaq is holding the cracker. Soni rushes there and sets off the fire match stick. She then slaps Ananya and asks why did you wear Tara’s saree and lit the match stick too. Ananya asks why did you slap me? If I shall not lit the crackers. Soni says the crackers shall not burn before the puja. Ananya asks what is her problem, why she can’t be happy with her happiness. She says you was silent when that incident happened, and asks her to let her live her life.

Tara comes to Balraj and says you didn’t wake up till now. Balraj says gun powder. Tara looks at the medicine and sees injection in the dustbin. She is about to get it, when Sartaj comes there and says your chachi is calling you. He says I gave him medicine to rest, and tells that he will wake him up before the puja. Tara goes. Sartaj gives him another injection to keep him unconscious for 2 more hours, and then picks the dustbin bag. Raunaq tells the money lender that he will send him ancient diya which is also costly. The guy asks him to pay his entire amount.

Soni and Ananya see Deva and his sister coming there. Ananya goes inside. Soni thinks whatever I do is for Ananya, when she will think. Tara steps on the Rangoli and stumbles. Deva comes there and lifts her. The star is breaking in the sky. Tara and Deva look at each other.

Raunaq comes to Farwari and says happy Diwali. Farwari sees the breaking stars and says soulmate. They look at each other and smiles. Ananya goes to her room and takes the diya plate in her hand. She keeps the diyas on the window. Farwari and Raunaq come to Deva and Tara. Farwari asks Deva not to tell her that he was standing with Tara when the sky rain was happening. She then greets Tara. Tara asks them to come. Farwari tells that Bhai will go home and celebrate Diwali with Badshah and Begum. Raunaq thinks she is Mr. Malik’s sister.

Tara asks Deva to stop till the puja. Farwari says leave it, we shall go inside and celebrate. Deva asks them to stop and says he will come as Tara asked me to take Devi’s blessings. Soni comes to the room and asks Ananya what is she doing, and tells that Servants will lit the diyas. Ananya asks her to ask her directly not to celebrate Diwali. Raunaq greets Mr. Malik. Deva asks him if he has any gift for me. Raunaq asks what can I gift you? Deva asks him to sell old property if he has. Tara looks on and asks them to come. Farwari asks if he is your friend. Tara says elder brother. Farwari says nice. Sartaj asks Soni why she is worried. Soni says Ananya is wearing Tara’s saree and Deva, his sister and Raunaq might ruin our plan.

Precap: Tara is wearing the gun powder saree and dancing with Deva. Later she goes near the wires, which gets electrocuted and her saree catches fire. Deva shouts Tara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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