Yeh Hai Chahatein : Arjun Turns Flirtatious With Kashvi!

Karun asking Arjun, how did he come from inside when he had gone out. Arjun thinks his champ is like Kashvi and thinks what to tell him. Karun asks him to tell. Arjun tells that he went inside when he was playing the game. Karun says my concentration was on the door. Arjun says I might went inside when you was distracted. Karun says no. Arjun says I went with the magic, ok. He asks Karun if he won any game. Karun says yes. Arjun says liar. He announces next game is snatching the handkerchief. Micky and Karun are the two teams captains and selects their team members. Kashvi is in Karun’s team while Arjun is in Micky’s team. Mahima and Jagdish play first, and Mahima wins. Next comes Kashvi. Micky sends Arjun to play with Kashvi. Arjun and Kashvi bend down to get the handkerchief. Her hand touches his hand and he kisses on his hand. He gives her kiss in air and she gets lost in thoughts. Arjun takes the hand kerchief and wins. Karun comes to Kashvi and says she lost because of him. She says he has done cheating, and kissed her in air and that’s why she was distracted and lost. He says you can’t accuse me like this, when you have no feelings for me, then why you will be affected with the kiss or anything. He says it is clear in your eyes that you have love for me in your eyes. Kashvi tells aloud that Arjun has cheated to win. Arjun asks her to tell everyone what he did. Kashvi doesn’t tell. Arjun says as Kashvi and her team lost, he wants to punish her and gives her flower to tie in her hair. Karun ties rose in her hair. Mahima gets upset. Yeh hain chahatein plays…..

Romila comes to Mahima and asks her to see what is happening. Mahima says Kashvi will not come back to Arjun. She says she will get the cake for cake cutting and will see this matter later. Kashvi looks for Sunaina. Micky asks Arjun to become Sunaina again. Arjun gets worried. Micky tells Karun that Arjun is busy on call. Mahima asks Karun to cut the cake. Karun says he will not cut the cake until Dad comes. Mahima says Arjun went again and says I told you that he doesn’t care for you. Arjun finds Romila in the bathroom and messages Micky. Micky tries to cheer up Karun and says your Dad is on call. He says louder to make Arjun hear, that Arjun is on call and will come after attending the call. Arjun sends him message. Micky comes there and asks Arjun to handle Kashvi first. He asks him to go to his room and he will bring his clothes. Arjun goes to his room. Micky knocks on the door and asks Romila to come out.

Romila comes out and goes. Micky takes clothes and gives to Arjun in his room. He says Karun will feel proud of you when he gets to know. He says once Aman is caught, everything is sorted. He says Karun will say that my father is the best superhero and asks him to go and get ready. He comes out. Arjun gets ready. Karun asks where is Papa? Micky says he is on call. Kashvi asks where is Sunaina. Micky says Sunaina has an upset stomach. Kashvi says she doesn’t know. Micky asks Karun to make Kashvi meet his friends. Jagdish comes to Sunaina and asks why you became Sunaina, Arjun. Arjun says you have a misunderstanding. Jagdish says no and asks him to tell.

Precap: Arjun gives compliment to Kashvi that she is looking beautiful. Kashvi smiles. Aditya breaks the glass and tells Arjun that he is noticing him since day 1. Arjun tells Kashvi that nobody called Adi to Hyderabad and he has lied to her.

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