Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Armaan Thanks Ruhi ; Takes Abhira to His Secret Spot !

The Episode starts with Vidya saying you are very brave, thanks. Dadi says she saved your life, but you fell in danger because of her, Yuvraj had no personal enmity with Vidya, but he wanted to hurt Vidya because of this girl, no need to say thanks to her. Armaan says Abhira didn’t ask Yuvraj to harass her, he is a criminal, he has murdered Abhira’s mom, how can Abhira be responsible for his crime. Madhav asks Dadi to call Abhira inside the house. Dadi says fine, she can come in. She asks Abhira about her mangalsutra. Armaan says its here. Dadi says make her wear it. Armaan says she will wear it. Abhira says I will wear it on my own. Dadi says look at her, she is hurt and scared, make her wear it. Armaan makes Abhira wear it. Abhira cries and steps ahead. She feels pain. Armaan lifts her and takes her to the room. Armaan sees Abhira’s diary and reads the sorry.

Abhira says I didn’t do wrong, I have written sorry in the diary, I don’t think I m wrong, it was about your mom, I lost your mom, you lost one of your mom, you can understand why I did this. Manisha comes and asks Armaan to clean Abhira’s wound. Armaan says you do it, I m going out. Manisha says Armaan might have lost you, what shall I say, how much will you cry now, Armaan cares a lot for you, I didn’t see him worrying for anyone. Madhav comes to Sanjay and scolds him. He says Maasa, Sanjay has called Yuvraj to Udaipur. He takes Sanjay’s phone and shows the call logs. He says Sanjay is in touch with Yuvraj since he has come here, he knew about the attack on Armaan and Abhira. Sanjay says I didn’t know he will do this. Madhav says he has killed Abhira’s mum, even then you have called him here, he has hurt Abhira and Armaan, he tried to kidnap Vidya, you knew this and stayed silent, you are responsible for this. Dadi is shocked. Madhav leaves. Sanjay says we have to keep contacts with every type of people, its not about right and wrong. Dadi says its wrong to not help the family in tough time, Abhira was right, family isn’t necessary for you, I gave you much respect, it fell short for you.

Armaan’s hand gets shaking. He thinks of Yuvraj. Ruhi comes and holds his hand. She does the aid. He cries. She says Abhira is safe now, I know you were shouting on her. He says yes, I m a bad man. She says no, you are very nice, you did a lot for Abhira. He says no, I have bad luck, I have ruined three lives after my birth, my biological mom and my mum and dad. She says you were a baby, you didn’t do anything. He says since I came in your life, you forgot to smile, Rohit left because of me, Abhira used to stay happy with her mum, I have snatched her mum, Abhira risked everything to save Vidya today, she could have died today, I m not good, Abhira is good, you are good, I took responsibility of Abhira, but she is safe because of her, you always think that Abhira has taken your place, even then whenever I need your help, you stand by me, you saved Abhira’s life, you are very nice, thank you so much Ruhi, I m sure that I can trust you always. Ruhi smiles.

Its night, Armaan comes to his room and sees Abhira. She says I m sorry, I m so stupid, why didn’t I tell you, Yuvraj was threatening me, he attacked Vidya and kept expired medicines, I should have told you, I was scared. He stops her and holds her hand. Ruhi thinks of Armaan and smiles. Manisha sees Ruhi smiling and signs Vidya to see. Everyone looks at Ruhi. Dadi asks Ruhi what are you thinking. Ruhi says Armaan…. and Abhira, I m going to Manish’s place for a movie, where is Armaan, he will drop me. Manisha says driver will drop you, Armaan and Abhira have gone out. Ruhi asks what, Abhira is hurt, where did they go.

Manoj says his special place. Madhav asks what, really. Ruhi asks what is it. Dadi says he has just taken his family there. Vidya says yes, its his private place, he gets peace there. Armaan gets Abhira somewhere. She smiles and says I love it. Ruhi is on the way. She thinks where did Armaan take Abhira. She sees Armaan’s car and asks the driver to stop. She goes to see. She calls him. Abhira sees the family members’ names on the bench. Armaan folds hands.

Abhira asks why did you get me here. He inscribes Abhira’s name on the bench. Dadi scolds Abhira for hiding Charu’s job. Abhira argues with Armaan.

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