Shiv Shakti 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Mainavati saying Shiv will look most beautiful man in the universe. Narad tells Shiv to be careful because the latter is entering his in laws place. Shiv asks him that why he need to be careful. Public gets shocked seeing Shiv’s avatar. They wonders will Shiv marry Parvati in this avatar.

Meanwhile, Parvati’s friend says that she is excited to see Shiv in groom look. She asks Parvati that if the latter know about Garland ritual. Parvati says that she know. Parvati’s friend asks Parvati that how the latter know. Parvati recalls that how her marriage happened with Shiv in the past. Parvati’s friend tells Parvati that Mainavati is really excited to see Shiv.

Mainavati says that baraat has been arrived. Few kids goes to Shiv and sit with him. Narad and others smiles seeing this. Mainavati’s friend tells Mainavati that she could not see Shiv. Mainavati tells her that the most beautiful person is Shiv. She sees Shiv and gets scared seeing all of his avatars together. She loses her consciousness. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Diti sees this. She tells herself that Shiv creating problem in his marriage. She says that if Mainavati remain unconscious then Tarakasur’s job will be easy.

Himavan asks doctor that when Mainavati will regain her consciousness. Doctor will tell him that he don’t know. Parvati comes there and asks them that how it happened to Mainavati. Mainavati’s friend says that Mainavati lost her consciousness after seeing Shiv. Parvati holds Mainavati’s hand and sees everything. Servant tells Himavan that baraat is going to reach the palace gate and they need Mainavati to welcome Shiv.

Parvati calls Shiv. Shiv freezes the time and goes to Parvati. Parvati asks Shiv to do something. She says that Mainavati was excited to see him but Mainavati got scared seeing him in this avatar. Shiv asks her that what’s wrong in his avatar. She tells him that she know he took this avatar to fulfill everyone’s demands but Mainavati and Himavan had few expectation from Shiv. Shiv uses his power on Mainavati. He says that Mainavati wanted to be his mother so she need not to get scared seeing her son.

Parvati holds Mainavati and the latter regains her consciousness. She tells Mainavati that Shiv is waiting for the latter. Mainavati tells her that she is scared to see Shiv and how can she welcome Shiv. Parvati tells her that the latter is going to welcome her son so she need not to get scared. Mainavati says that everyone will make fun of her if she fainted again then. Parvati assures her that, that won’t happen.

Shiv enters the palace. Mainavati smiles seeing him glowing. She tells him that she imagined this avatar of him as groom. Parvati also smiles seeing Shiv. She recalls that how Shiv said Mainavati will see him in the avatar in which she want to see him. Narayan says that Shiv will be called as Sundareswarar Shiv.

Precap: Mainavati welcome Shiv. Parvati tells thanks to Shiv.

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