Shiv Shakti 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Shankchurn telling Kartikeya that he is impressed with his bravery and asking his father’s name. Kartikeya says even he doesn’t now. Shankchurn asks him not to lie. Kritikas walk towards Kartikeya searching for him. Kartikeya says he is a son of these 7 mothers. Shankchurn asks Kartikeya to join Tarakasur’s army and get the respect the deserves. Kartikeya refuses and warns him to tell Tarakasur to dare not stop Mahadev’s kavad yatra. Shankchurn disappears with his soldiers.

Kritikas reach Kartikeya. Kartikeya thanks a woman hiding behind a tree who always helps and protects him. Parvati walks out. Kritikas get happy seeing Parvati. Parvati pampers Kartikeya. Kartikeya says she is the one who has been protecting him since years and feeding him food, she behaves like his mother. Parvati gets more emotional. Kartikeya asks him why is she. She ignores his question, wishes him happy 12th birthday, and offers him kheer. Kartikeya refuses to have kheer until she reveals who she is and walks away carrying Kavad. Surupa asks Parvati to reveal her identity.

Shankchurn returns to asur lok and informs Tarakasur that he met a boy whose behavior proved he is Shiv and Parvati’s son. Tarakasur’s sons say they need to test the boy to confirm it. Kartikeya carries kavad to ashram and performs Shiv ling pooja. Parvati emerges and offers him kheer again. Kartikeya asks him to tell who she is first and gives promise of her son. Parvati looks at Shiv. Shiv signals to go ahead. Parvati says she is Shiv’s wife Parvati. Kartikeya asks not to joke. Parvati says he gave her her son’s promise, so she is not lying.

Kartikeya gets happy hearing that and asks Kritikas if they knew about it. He offers Shiv’s favorite food and asks her to give it to Shiv. Shiv gets happy seeing that. Kartikeya asks if Shiv knows it’s his birthday. Parvati says Shiv knows everything. Kartikeya asks then why didn’t Shiv come to meet him till now. He feels sad. Shiv disguised as a hunter walks to Kartikeya with sweets.

Precap: Parvati tells Mahadev that his son sent him his favorite food on his birthday. Shiv expresses his concern that when Kartikeya learns that he is his father, Kartikeya may stop praying him.
Kartikeya says when he finds who his father is, he will capture and question him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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