Kundali Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Preeta says she suspects Kritika set this fire along with Sherlin and prithvi, he immediately comes questioning why is she talking rubbish because she just needs to blame them, Sherlin explains they all fear the fire so why would anyone set their own room on fire, Preeta replies that she is not lying because they are worried because of their guilt.

Shristhi and Sameer are constantly taking the things out of the wardrobe when Sameer questions how are they going to tidy the room as it will take a long time when Shristhi replies that Bi jee and Janki aunti have shown her the right way to correct it within a minute. Preeta is standing when Karan comes drunk questioning the reason, they all are standing out, he gets angry blaming that he is going to fight with Preeta hearing which exclaims even she is standing outside with them all but Karan in anger exclaims she should even think of throwing them out of this house. Preeta asks why is he talking with her in this manner. Prithvi with a smile thinks that the heart which only had love for each other are now filled with hatred when Prithvi asks Preeta to worry about the fire in the house, Sameer immediately calls Preeta informing he was able to find the CD and Shristhi has gone to set out the fire.

Preeta is with Shristhi and Sameer when they are shocked to hear that in the video, they are informing Rishab has been charged with drug smuggling, Shristhi mentions there is even a contact number on it when Preeta dials it explaining that they were not able to hear it properly when the person replies is it that Prithvi is not interested in giving the money and so he must not back out because they made sure Rishab was locked in jail and he did not even get a single phone call. The person says they need the money from Prithvi which is for their work, Preeta gets really worried thinking about a way they can protect Rishab jee because they only have six days left and need to protect him, she thinks of a plan but then Preeta exclaims they cannot hurry so much wait till the morning to decide and then work it out, they all must meet in the morning.

Karan is in his room when he receives a call from someone who asks if he is divorcing his wife Preeta Luthra, hearing this Karan gets really angry so he orders the person to end the call. Preeta standing in the room exclaims that he must not drink so much if he cannot handle it, Karan immediately sits up asking if she thought that he was asleep. Preeta doesnot tell anything when he questions why is she quiet when she was talking to a sleeping man, he holds her hand when she asks him to let go of her hand at which Preeta replies that he must let her go, Karan says that he is going to let her go as he no longer loves her and so is going to surely let go of her. Preeta questions why does she have so much haltered in his heart for her, karan in anger orders her to leave when Preeta gets really worried as she knows that karan would not be able to understand her today but this would change really soon.

In the morning Shristhi is with Sameer when they both are talking, she is sure that her plan is going to work but Sameer is not agreeing with her, Preeta also enters when they both are talking, Preeta explains that she has a plan and reveals they need a confession of Sherlin so are going to call her in disguise revealing that they have found the proof against her and Prithvi relating to their involvement in the arrest of Rishab jee, she is going to call Sherlin and record her confession with which they will leave for Dubai and save Rishab as this is the only way. When Sameer asks if she is sure that her plan will work so Preeta replies even she doesnot know about the results but that she will just have to work, Sameer agrees to get a new phone with the sim card and is even going to arrange the getup for Preeta.

The Luthra family is having breakfast when Sameer walks down the stairs, Rakhi asks him to have the breakfast but he leaves mentioning he has an important work to perform, Karina exclaims she is the one who brought Sameer but feels as if he is more close with Preeta, hearing which Dadi mentions he is a young person and they donot use their brain but what comes in the heart, it is clear that he likes to stay with Shristhi because of the chemistry, Rakhi asks her to not think like this since then she would get evil thoughts, Karina replies she doesnot about the feelings of Dadi but she has been getting these bad thoughts since last night as Preeta is blaming them for setting fire in the house, she feels Shristhi would have set it on fire as according to her the fire was really big but if it was that big then how did it end before the fire brigades arrived. Dadi mentions she thinks they are all fools, Rakhi turns to leave exclaiming she will come back when Rakhi asks Ganesh if he brought the applies, so should bring them as it is time for Karan to wake up, Rakhi after seeing he newspaper starts shouting at Karan hearing which everyone gets tensed as she doesnot shout like this, Dadi also asks what happened but Rakhi doesnot say anything, Karan comes in front of her asking what happened and why is she so angry, Rakhi asks him to tell her what happened last night but Karan doesnot understand anything, she turns to Natasha asking if she doesnot know that her son karan is married, Shristhi even asks what happened. Rakhi asks Sherlin to tell her sister to leave this house right now, Karan once again asks what happened when she throws the newspaper on the table, karan picks it up reading the news of the divorce, she angrily asks if he was with Natasha in the police station last night. Everyone is shocked.

Karan mentions it is all wrong as he was indeed with Natasha in the police station as they got in a little accident but this is all wrong. Rakhi rushes to Preeta asking for the truth as she wants to hear it from her mouth, Preeta is quiet, when Rakhi asks if they both are taking divorce from each other but Preeta doesnot say anything. Rakhi once again asks karan for the truth but he denies it all, Preeta is also shocked seeing the news, when Rakhi exclaims they have made a fun of the relations because the Bahu acts like the owner while her son is fighting with his own wife while the relatives are eager to become the Bahu, hearing this everyone gets shocked while Preeta is really tensed.



Update Credit to: Sona

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