Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd April : Akir Punishes Angad !

Akeer insists to sleep with his parents and says even his friends sleep with their parents. Diljeet says he is intelligent and brave than his friends and makes him asleep. He thinks about the cycle competition with a prize of brand new sports cycle and thinks he will win a sports cycle for Akeer for sure and will surprise him. He walks out of Akeer’s room and sleeps outside in the lawn. Biji asks him if Akeer slept. Diljeet says yes. She says she is tired of asking him repeatedly why he sleeps in the lawn and not with his wife. Diljeet asks why she asks such a question. Biji says he should fulfill Akeer’s demand of a sibling. Diljeet asks her to go and rest. Biji walks away fuming.

Next morning, Diljeet offers tea to Biji and she angrily refuses it. Twinkle asks how come Biji is refusing to have tea. Diljeet asks Biji to forget what they can’t get and be happy with whatever they have. Biji says she will slap him. Diljeet tries to cheer her up. Biji asks where is Akeer. Sahiba says he went out to play with his friends. Competition’s ticket falls from Diljeet’s pocket. Sahiba asks if it’s cinema ticket. He says yes. Sahiba tells Biji that her son is either watching cinema alone or is gambling.

Angad calls Manveer and informs that Simran’s condition is better now. Manveer suggests him to visit a mall and buy some gift for Simran. Angad says there can’t be a mall in this village, he will he go and check a local market. Akeer reaches hospital and thinks dirty uncle/Angad troubled his parents a lot, he will punish dirty uncle. Angad leaves for market. Akeer reaches market behind him. Angad buys gifts for Simran and gets into car. Akeer leaves buffaloes in front of his car. Angad applies brakes and tries to shoo away buffaloes. Buffalo owner sees his buffaloes free and asks who did it. Someone says Diljeet’s son did it. Buffalo owner calls Sahiba and complains her against Akeer.

Angad gets out of car and tries to shoo away buffaloes inn vain. Akeer enjoys his drama. Angad steps on buffalo dung. Akeer with a few kids laugh on him. Buffalo owner asks Akeer if he freed buffaloes. Angad asks Akeer if he is the one who is troubling him. Akeer says no and runs away. Angad walks behind him. Sahiba rides her bicycle fuming on Akeer and thinking of punishing him. Angad searches for Akeer and asks if he freed those buffaloes. Akeer says no and continues to hide. Angad says he knows where he is hiding. Akeer says he is not his friend.

Angad smiles and asks if they can be friends. Akeer says no and continues his hide and seek. He finally comes in front of Angad and says he is a true sikh and is not afraid of anyone. Angad recalls Sahiba telling same. Akeer’s friend informs him that his mother is searching for him. Akeer gets afraid. Angad asks what happened to true sikh now. Akeer says even his father is afraid of his mother and runs away. Angad smiles. Sahiba apologizes buffalo owner. She notices Akeer running and rides her cycle behind him asking him to wait. Akeer hides. Angad also searches for Akeer standing nearby.

Precap: Sahiba gets tensed seeing Akeer running towards a speeding truck unknowingly, speeds her cycle towards him and falls down. Angad notices Akeer and runs to save him.

Update Credit to: MA

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