Imlie 2nd April : Surya Ends Things With Anjali !

Surya tells Anjali that they should break up and disconnects call. He tells Malti that he married Imlie and she is his wife now, Malti and whole family has to accept it. Malti visits Anjali. Anjalii says she is leaving Purvaiya after Surya broke up with her. Malti asks her not to go and know the reason why Surya broke up with her during tomorrow’s holi celebration.Next day, holi celebration starts at Indira’s place. Hemalatha asks Mahesh to apply color to her. Mahesh says let Indira apply color first. Hemalatha nods okay. Nirmala tells Hemalatha that both her husband and Mahesh are same in terms of respecting Indira.

Hemalatha jokes at first and then agrees. Indira waits for Surya to come down to apply color to the whole family. Hemalatha says even Imlie hasn’t come down. Nirmala warns her not to take inauspicious name. Surya and Imlie walk down together. Nirmala applies color to him and then whole family and asks about Malti. Nirmala says she went out just now.Malti waits for Anjali. Anjali walks to her but refuses to walk inside the house saying when Surya doesn’t want her to come in, then how can she. Malti says she will call Surya to her and walks in. Imlie and Surya apply color toe each other feeling nervous. Imlie goes to check on guests. She slips. Anjali/ holds her. Imlie thanks her and seeing Anjali’s tears says tears don’t look good during happiness.

Anjali says one who should give her happiness snatched her happiness today. Imlie says she should protect her happpiness. Anjali asks why she looks sad. Imlie says fate gave her only sorrows in life. Anjali asks how does she know Reddy’s. Imlie is about to speak when someone calls her and she walks away.Surya calls Anjali’s hotel and learns that she checked out of hotel room in the morning itself. Hemalatha walks to him and says he is not doing right with that girl. Surya nervously asks if she knows about her. Hemalatha talks about Imlie and asks him to behave well with Imlie and make her feel like it’s her own house, etc.

Imlie walks in to fill colors in a thali. Surya walks to her and says let him help her. She says no need and walks away. He walks behind. She kicks a furniture by mistake and drops color thali. He says he told her to accept his help, notices her toe bleeding and insists to check it, but she refuses and says he showed howmuch favors he did on her, so she doesn’t need his favors.Indira notices Anjali and asks who is she. Malti says she is her friend whom she was waiting for. Anjali greets Indira and touches her feet. Nirmala says Malti’s friend is such a sanskari. Imlie and Surya’s long nok jhok starts blaming each other as usual. Surya challenges her to apply color to him first and says whoever wins wil get whatever they want. Imlie accepts challenge.

Precap: Imlie thinks why did Surya leave his girlfriend and marry her. Surya thinks Imlie shouldn’t know that he married her as Agastya died because of him. An unanimous caller tells Imlie that he knows why Surya married her.

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