Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd April : Savi to Stay Back in Bhosle House !

Mukul tells Ishaan that all Bhosale kids are like his own kids and Ishaan grew up in his hands. Ishaan says he is feel ashamed thinking same, Mukul is a cheap and dirty man. Mukul calls Bhosales as cheap and worthless people and warns Yashwant to control his family or else he will not fund their medical college dream, he should tell that what kind of a man he is. Yashwant says he realized what kind of a man Mukul is after watching the video. Surekha asks Yashwant not to say anything to Mukul. Mukul says at least his sister trusts him, Savi is wrongly trapping him.

Surekha warns him not to put a burden of his sins on Savi and says she is ashamed to call him dada, she can’t believe they are children of a same mother, how could he stoop so low, he needs to be punished for his sins. She slaps him continuously for molesting her daughter, humiliating their parents with his heinous act, etc. Anvi recalls Mukul molesting her repeatedly. Surekha says she doesn’t want to keep any relationship with a monster and he is dead to her. She hugs Anvi and apologizes her. Anvi breaks down.

Apsara tells Anvi that she doesn’t know how to apologize for Mukul’s sins and asks her to forgive her maami if possible. Asmita apologizes Anvi next and says she should have done what Savi did. Ishaan tells Savi that she did her job and now it’s their turn. He records a video with Mukul and says Mukul is a habitual molester who molested my sister and ironically runs a girls’ NGO, he should resign from all the NGOs immediately or face legal action. Apsara promises that Mukul will never visit them and if he does, she will punish him. Yahwant orders Mukul to get out of his house. Mukul walks away. Apsara apologizes whole Bhosale family and Anvi and walks away. Nish apologizes Anvi next and cries hugging her. Wole family hug her next.

Anvi picks her bag and walks towards the door. Ishaan stops her and asks where is she going. Savi says she is respecting Yashwant’s orders and leaving his house. Ishaan says she is his responsibility and can’t go. Savi says his family is in trouble because of her, so it’s better she leaves. Surekha says nobody is in trouble because of her and says only she understood Anvi’s pain and supported her, whole family is indebted to Savi for whole life. Reeva walks silently. Anvi frees her hand from Reeva, walks to Savi, and cries hugging her. She requests Savi not to go after getting her out of her biggest pain. Ishaan says Savi will not go and will stay with them.

Anvi thanks Savi for accepting their request and calls her vahini/SIL. She takes her in excusing Ishaan. Reeva walks to Ishaan and asks where is he lost. Ishaan says he is thinking about Savi. Reeva says whatever she did is commendable. Ishaan sys Savi stood by Anvi till the last, he trusted Savi thinking she always fights for justice and never does anything wrong, etc. Reeva says he should plan something for Savi. Ishaan asks her to suggest. Reeva says she will think and inform him. He nods okay.

Precap: Savi feels happily and lost in her own thought. Kuch To Hua Hai.. song plays in the background. She writes I love Chidkiya in her book. ishaan reads it.

Update Credit to: MA

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