Kavya 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dubey’s PA asking the workers to leave. Badi Amma rushes. Kavya runs after her and holds her hand. Badi Amma manages to escape. She says she took the file. Badi Amma checks the papers and leaves. Adi says sorry Mama, the statement was in your favor. He hugs Bunty. Kavya says who was that woman, who came to change the statement. Bunty asks Adi to take a pic, else how will Kavya believe him. Everyone congratulates Adi. Kavya comes home. Adi asks her to come and see the cheque. He says leave from my life. Kavya says ever and cries… He says I don’t need you, I don’t love you. She says but I need you and I love you.

Adi says I will go and deposit the cheque. Giriraj blesses him. Bunty praises Badi Amma and says bless me, I will be under your guidance now. She laughs and blesses him. Kavya sees the nail bruises on Badi Amma’s hand and goes to Sanjeev. She says that was Badi Amma, she has gone to change the statement. She goes to Badi Amma and confronts her. They argue. Kavya applies the lep to Badi Amma. Badi Amma asks what did you add in it. Kavya laughs and says I think I have put some chilli in it, sorry, I had put a mic in your room. Badi Amma says its not there. She asks Kavya to leave.

Kavya sees the mic there and smiles. Badi Amma says no one can save you from me. Kavya leaves. Adi says cheque is deposited. Giriraj says great, we will start campaigning soon. Badi Amma calls Anurag and tells the plan. They laugh. Sanjeev hears the audio recording and says so this is their plan.

Adi sees Kavya smiling. She says you defeated me, I m thinking to become an obedient wife. Adi taunts her. He asks her to check her stuff in storeroom. She goes to check. He says enjoy and locks her. She asks him to open the door. He says we will meet after the press conference. She says get me out, please. He goes. Anurag says Billu Singh is scared of the press. Badi Amma says get him at any cost. Anurag says he isn’t listening, come soon and scare him. Sanjeev goes to help Kavya. She asks him to call Santu. She takes help from Santu. Billu refuses to give the statement. Badi Amma comes and threatens him.

Anurag asks did you come alone. She says yes, this would be Kavya. They try to hide. Anurag catches Billu by mistake and faints him. Kavya looks on shocked. She thinks Anurag is also involved with Badi Amma.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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