Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th April : Chinmay Rakes up the Past; Roasts Akka Saheb !

Surekha shows a kurta she bought for Chinmay. Chinmay asks if it will fit Ishaan as he feels that she bought it for Ishaan and giving it to him when Ishaan didn’t like it. Surekha asks why is he saying this. Ishaan says because she always preferred Ishaan over him and gave him a second-hand treatment. He reminds how in childhood he wanted a mouth organ or a cycle and she got one for Ishaan first and got a discounted one for him

He says she gave so much love to parentless Ishaan and ignored him completely. He throws her gift and pushes her out of her room. Savi walks in and picks kurta. Surekha walks away wiping her tears. Savi forcefully enters room. Chinmay says one left and another came in. Savi looks into his eyes and says she is seeing if there is any humanity left in him or else Surekha and Shikha are wasting time on a man who has no humanity left in him.

Savi notices servant Jeetu and asks how does he stay with Chinmay. Jeetu says Chinmay is very kind; his daughter was 3 days old when Chinmay had left home. and when he returned now, he asked if his daughter is in 3rd std and in which medium; hardly any owner can show so much concern for an employee. Savi thinks if Shikha was right about Chinmay. She recalls Chinmay challenging Yashwant Rao Bhosale/YRB that he will not leave the house until he gets what he wants, thinks what must be the reason.

Surekha while boiling milk in the kitchen gets lost in thoughts recalling Chinmay’s confrontation. Savi enters and switches off gas. Surekha wipes her tears and acts as busy. Savi says she didn’t see anything as she was focusing on spilling milk. She says when she was a child, her aayi bought her up alone for years; she used to get angry on her aayi whenever her demand was not fulfilled and aayi get angry on her whenever she disobeyed her; there was a reset button named fried modak between them which they used to often to forget their anger and enjoy it; maybe there is a reset button between Surekha and Chinmay which she can’t remember now. Surekha stands thinking.

Surekha prepares Chinmay’s favourite food and asks Asmita and Durva to arrange it on dining table. Reeva walks in and asks Surekha why she looks so happy today. Surekha says when they don’t find solution in life, they shall press a reset button. Reeva stands confused. Savi walks in and sits besides Anvi. Anvi asks her if she liked her script. Savi says it’s amazing and says Anvi did deep research about Ram charitra, where was she hiding this talent. Anvi says she wanted to become a writer in her childhood, but then stopped thinking about it after Mukul mama’s incident; now she is starting again with Savi’s encouragement.

Nishi with Ishaan walks in and says YRB is very disturbed but doesn’t want to reveal what happened between him and Chinmay. Ishaan discusses about college’s cultural festival this Ram navami. Savi says since Ishaan doesn’t want cultural secretary/herself to participate, her friend wil

Precap: Imlie from Imlie serial and Savi announce that Savi and Ishaan will be enacting Ram and Seeta this Ram Navami, will they unite or a Ravan will set a trap to separate them.

Update Credit to: MA

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